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Window tinting is one of the best modifications you can make after purchasing a vehicle. Tinted windows protect the driver and passenger from the sun and other people who try to peep-in. Moreover, in the event of a collision, it prevents your windows from shattering. Thus, it is the window tint that provides a sense of privacy and exclusivity for drivers.


However, if the tinted windows are damaged, they can have the opposite effect. So, it is crucial to keep them properly maintained if you want to enjoy their benefits for long. To help you know how to maintain tinted windows, we are here with some steps that you should follow.


Do’s of Window Tint Maintenance 


Clean them on a regular basis – Tinted windows should be cleaned regularly as a part of car wash routine. Following this, you can prevent the build-up of dirt on your windows, thus making it easier to clean them every time. Moreover, clear windows don’t develop stains and streaks.


Use cleaners that are safe for tinted windows – It is because not every window cleaning product is safe for window tints. Some cleaners are harsh on window tints and can make them wear down or fade away soon. So, make sure to check the labels of cleaners before using them.


Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to dry your windows – No doubt, window tints are durable, but they can still get scratches. The cloth that you use to wipe away the cleaners can also cause damage to window tints. So, make sure to use a soft cloth or a squeegee to prevent the scratches.


Avoid direct sunlight – After washing, leaving the vehicle in the sun can cause it to dry unevenly. This uneven drying result in permanent lines and streaks, especially in your tints. So, experts suggest parking your vehicles in the shade while and after washing. Following this, your car and windows will be protected.


Don’ts of Window Tint Maintenance


Don’t clean the edges – Window film is pliable and vulnerable to damage at the edges. So, avoid cleaning them unnecessarily. In case something spills, or dirt accumulates near the edge, then clean this area carefully with a soft cloth.


Don’t use harsh chemicals – Ammonia-based cleaners are too abrasive for window tints. These cleaners contain chemicals that are harsh to tints and them damage them severely.


Don’t clean the windows right after the installation of tints – The tinting film requires time to cure before it safely and permanently adheres to the window. It’s beneficial to wait a few days before you clean the interior of the car’s windows. Otherwise, the film may damage before it sets.

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