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Are you worried about moving your beloved piano to a new home? Well, this can be an overwhelming task, especially if done on your own. Pianos are not only heavy but also very fragile and expensive. And considering this, a DIY piano move can be a risky endeavor that may cause permanent damages to the instrument.

A piano is not just any piece of furniture. This expensive instrument also holds great emotional value. Most of the pianos are extremely heavy and at least 2 to 4 people are required for shifting their position. You may be trying to keep your move as cheap as possible, but a DIY piano move will only damage the instrument, in addition to causing damages to the house or even a serious personal injury. As such, whether you need to move a grand or upright piano, only professional movers with a piano-specific dolly and the right equipment can perform this job safely.

If you think that hiring a professional piano mover is a waste of money, read the following reasons to know why piano movers are best suited for this task.

Avoid Personal Injury and Damage

Pianos are extremely heavy and bulky which makes them difficult to be handled. The smallest spinet pianos weigh around 400 pounds, while the upright pianos are about 800 pounds and grand pianos can weigh up to 1,300 pounds. Moreover, pianos come in unique shapes and the weight of this instrument is not evenly distributed which means it gets difficult to balance it. As such, moving a piano yourself means putting both the piano and your own safety in danger. A professional piano mover company will send a team of experts who know how to handle different types of pianos without harming the delicate instrument, as well as your house.

Proper Moving Tools & Truck

For safely moving a piano, you will need certain skills, as well as the right equipment and tools. You will need special boards, dollies, straps, and other tools to move hundreds or even 1,000 pounds across a floor without causing damage. When you leave this task to professionals, they bring their own specialized equipment and truck to move any type of piano. If you hire a truck by yourself, you may not pack the piano safely in it and as a result, your piano may get damaged with road bumps and hits. But a professional mover will use padding to protect your piano from unexpected road hazards.

Saves You Money

If you’re shifting to a new home obviously you have to manage many expenses. To cut down these expenses, people often choose a DIY route for moving their piano which can be a big mistake. You know very well how expensive your piano is and how much it costs to repair even minor damage. While moving your piano, you may damage its legs, pins or strings and you will need to have it tuned. Sometimes, depending on their make, model, and age, repairing may cost hundreds of dollars. Moreover, for moving your instrument you will also need to buy some tools that you’ll probably never use again. For this reason, hiring a professional moving company is the best way to save your precious instrument as well as money.

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