Looking for a submerged vacation during summer in Bermuda waters? Well, you don’t have to look any further than this water sport facility. The location is surrounded by water, no wonder you will have something new to try every day.

Here is some information regarding the facilities available for you to enjoy your summer vacation:

  1. Boston Whalers are available depending on your party size. The machine can speed up to 30mph with its 40-50 hp engine. The seats are well equipped with back support for safety, including retractable bimini to provide you shelter from the scorching heat.
  2. Pontoons are one of the eye-catchers of the area where you want to throw your friends the coolest birthday party or have come for a getaway with friends, anniversary with your partner, etc. This little cruise has a 40 hp turn-key engine that would easily accomodate a party of 10, which comes along a soft touch steering & horn and Bluetooth capable stereo with speakers. Bimini top with storage pockets to keep things, swim deck, 4-step folding boarding ladder, and a removable dining table.
  3. Crystal Kayaks are one of the best ways to explore the place. Guides with vast experience will help you out with the map and outline the outstanding areas of interest. The kayaks are equipped with high side walls to provide stability in water.
  4. Jet Ski Be it renting Jet Ski or having a Jet Ski tour around Bermuda, with a top speed of 50 mph one can ride the high quality GTI model with both neutral and reverse options available. Built-in cushion seats with enhanced safety features are available while you enjoy the outstanding view of Bermuda waters.

Along with these Snorkel tours, paddleboards, boats are also available for rental services.

Tours packages are available for group outings and date nights along with professional photographers to help you get the entire family or your partner in a frame with aesthetic and gorgeous backgrounds. The photographers make sure that you enjoy every moment in Bermuda waters while they  make sure to capture the special moments for you.

Catering options are available for boat rentals with an extensive, delicious selection of menu, perfect for a party including a date night with your partner. They also have their newest addition to the family, Resort and Spa to give you a luxurious vacation alongside the fabulous tour of the Bermuda waters.

Be it visiting the sand flats off Pompano beach, feeding the fishes, exploring the water to spot turtles, having the calmest experience of a lifetime with corals, flying across the crystal clear waters, speeding the boat under the smallest bridges and the historic trip to the Bermuda Triangle dockyard; this water sport facility provides with multiple facilities to give you experience of a lifetime.


All the boats have other safety equipment like flares, dye markers, mirrors, flashlight, detailed map, boat operation instructions, backup fuel tank, and safety cards. A boat captain is always an add-on option for respective parties.

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