Why Are Cheap Front Doors Not a Good Choice? – ListDen

Being a homeowner, you have to be very particular regarding the products and items you buy for your home. They have to be of high-quality if you want to experience long-term benefits out of them.


If the front door installed in your home is cheap and of low quality, then trust me, you need a serious upgrade. The front door is that part of the house which should not be overlooked. Initially, you may invest in an inexpensive front door to save a few dollars, but in the long run, you may discover the flaws that can bother you and your pocket as well.


Not convinced? Want to discover valid reasons for why the cheap front door is not a smart choice? Then go through the following points.

1. It is not energy efficient – Just like windows, front doors are crucial for the energy efficiency of your home. A well-manufactured door will never let air to escape and will thus contribute towards the energy efficiency of your home. Whereas, a cheap front door is not designed to be energy efficient. They are simply made to be easily affordable by compromising with all other necessities. You may spend on these doors to save your money, but then you won’t be able to save on your monthly energy bills as they will increase.

2. It leads to security issues – The major issue that comes to the mind when talking about cheap front doors is – security. Cheap front doors are made of a poor-quality product, and thus it becomes easy for intruders to break-in through them. If you get the front door at a lower price, then don’t feel lucky, the quality of the material will surely be compromised, and it won’t be durable even. If you want to feel secure in your home all the times, then be very choosy and spend on excellent product only.

3. A lot of repairs – As cheap doors are manufactured using poor material, they are always in need of repairs. You may buy cheap now, but you will end up paying the cost later. Even the parts of the door like hinges, screws, doorknobs, and weather-stripping materials are not of good quality and thus keep on facing issues with daily usage. The ultimate way to avoid unnecessary repairs and headaches is to invest in a premium quality front door. They will help with skipping the costly repairs and will also increase the overall value of your home.

4. Its looks degrade shortly – A cheap front door may look attractive in the store, but with the time it will lose its charm. Because of the cheap materials used, under harsh weather conditions, it will not be able to retain its looks for a longer time. In the scorching sunlight, it will fade quickly, thus leaving you disappointed. If you want to save your hard-earned money in the long run and wish to have a winning entry door, then the smart choice is to invest in superior quality front doors only.



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