Plants have more uses than simply being aesthetic additions to your house. They can increase the aesthetic appeal of your interiors, as well as help with better oxygen production inside your home. Our homes are now mostly always closed off from the outside world; therefore, having some plants in the living room or in the balcony will add that rustic flavour to an otherwise dull city life. Mostly, plants are chosen for outdoor spaces, but if you do not have adequate outdoor space, it can also be possible to have a few plants inside your home.

However, a lot of people go wrong when they choose their houseplants. This is because we are not always familiar with the environmental conditions required for different plants to survive and thrive. There are some considerations that must be adhered to before you can go to the nursery to buy plants. Read on to know more about them.

  1. Consider the kind of space you have.

Before choosing houseplants, it is very important to look at the space available. If you have enough outdoor space, it should not be a problem for you to get plants even if they are a litter bigger than the rest. However, if you do not have adequate space or are installing them in your living room, then it is extremely important to choose only small plants that will not need frequent trimming.

  1. Consider where you will set the plants.

Once you have sorted out the issue with space, it is important to choose an area for your plants. Ideally, this should be a place that receives enough sunlight, but will not be affected by bad weather conditions such as hailstorms or heavy rain. Your porch, veranda or balcony can be good places to store plants, since they will get enough exposure to sunlight without being affected by the wrath of nature.

  1. Consider the plant you are buying based on soil quality.

Before you go to the nursery to get your plants, it is important to check the kind of soil you have, for this, you can perform a few experiments. Once you have watered the soil observe how long it takes for the top layers to get completely dry. It is likely that your nursery will also ask you questions about your soil, so you can simply report your findings and help them choose the right plant for you.

  1. Consider how long you will have for everyday maintenance.

You may think that getting plants cannot be stressful, however, plants require very good and regular care, otherwise it will not take them too long to wilt and die. Especially when plants are bought from a nursery, they would need to be properly cared for. If you cannot spend a lot of time behind the houseplants, you should go for varieties of cacti that do not require very heavy maintenance.

New York is a place where it is almost impossible to find enough outdoor space in apartments, therefore, if you want to buy plants in Brooklyn, it will be a good idea to consider all these points before going to the nursery.

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