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Tactical equipment goes beyond the purview of guns and other weapons meant for self defence. If someone does not have the right kind of gear, which includes adequate protection in the form of body armour, ways to move swiftly and quickly on all kinds of terrain- combat boots, technical equipment like night vision glasses and so on, then the mission is not just extremely risky but also more prone to failure. Tactical equipment, therefore, encompasses all kinds of materials required for tactical forces to complete their duties or mission safely and effectively.

When it comes to military grade combat boots, they are much different than the regular stylish combat boots we see at retail outlets. In fact, these are not ‘combat’ boots at all since they are not sold for tactical purposes. Military combat boots are designed differently keeping a number of considerations in mind, and while a lot of people may think these are not completely useful, here are a few reasons to change their minds.

  1. They are lightweight.

One of the biggest requirements for tactical gear is that they need to be comfortable and lightweight. Ultimately, their job is to ensure that the wearer is protected and if they do not provide comfort or add extra weight, the task at hand can be compromised, not to mention- the person wearing the equipment can be seriously injured too. Military combat boots look very heavy but they are in face quite lightweight and comfortable since people have to wear them for very long.

  1. They are designed to absorb shock.

Since all tasks and missions take place on different kinds of surfaces, the boots need to be designed in a way that makes it easy to travel across all terrain, and absorb all kinds of shock that can come from falling down or jumping from a height.

The insoles of these boots are cushioned heavily to absorb shock, otherwise, people may fall down and injure their feet and thus compromise their safety. This also adds comfort to the wearer. The toe caps are also wider than normal boots, allowing movement of the toes and ensuring comfort.

  1. They are durable.

Military combat boots offer a range of services so they do not come for very cheap, but these are extremely durable and can last for years at a stretch. This is also because when people are away on tactical missions, they are usually away for long periods of time and if their shoes are damaged in between, it is not exactly feasible to find a replacement.

  1. They are resistant to heat and oil.

This makes them very useful on missions since there can be many life threatening situations where tactical forces can be exposed to very high temperatures or have to walk over oily and sticky substances. Therefore, these are slip resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

These benefits make military grade tactical boots a must have for such missions, to ensure the safety and efficiency of the forces as well as the success rate of the mission.



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