Buying a car for yourself is the first step towards building a comfortable life. Every person’s dream is to buy a luxury car that is well equipped with all the updated features. It is necessary to buy a car based on the long-term benefits it will provide and not merely carried away by the car’s outward appearance. Purchasing a car is a one-time investment, and keeping it in good condition must be the priority for everyone. We often neglect the need for timely repairs and keep on dragging the vehicle even it is causing disturbances in its daily functioning. By doing this, we are putting a dent in our budget and adding to more expenditure. Keeping the external and internal components of the car in the high-grade condition is the need of the hour. Cracks and dents on your car are not just the eyesores but decrease the value of the car. The safety element is the preference of the driver and passengers. When we think about the windshields, the first thing that strikes us is protecting us from the dust and other particles while we are driving. The windshield is an integral part of the structural integrity of the car. Windshield cracks often start with small chips and expand over time.

so let us discuss few ways on how to avoid windshield cracks:

Drive cautiously: The first step is always to drive carefully and have a full view of the road ahead of you. It is recommended to avoid any kind of distractions. The leading cause of windshield cracks is road debris and airborne rocks. These can mostly crack the windshield when we are at a high and uncontrollable speed. We should not drive in extreme weather conditions as heavy rain and windstorm can damage the glass.

Avoid extreme temperatures: It is advised to avoid sudden temperature changes and defrost the vehicle. Pouring boiling water and hot water will definitely clear off the ice but will slowly damage your windshield. Parking the cars in the shelter are vital as direct sunlight is also not suitable for the car.

Keep your windshield clean and dry: We often get small cracks and chip which we overlook, but these cracks eventually grow more prominent. These cracks should be guarded against dirt and moisture. Excess heat exposure can also cause the cracks to grow bigger and make the repairs more complicated. Windshield wiper fluids contain dyes, which can cause discolouration to the neighbouring areas.

Keep a guarded distance from the other vehicles: When driving on highways and gravel roads, it is essential to keep safety measures in mind. a safe distance must be maintained between our car and the adjacent vehicles. Trucks and other heavy vehicles kick out stones and debris, which can cause the windshield to break.

Get timely repairs of chips: In the case of windshield cracks, the small cracks often multiply into bigger ones. If, at first instance, you ignore this crack, you will have to spend much more than the initial amount.

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