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Many people look forward to converting their kitchens into a space that is not just limited to cooking. The good news is that it is possible. With the varying trends, you can renovate your kitchen into an open space or an open concept, alchemizing it into a focal point for get-togethers.


You are no more bound to have a packed kitchen with short storage space. The new kitchen layouts focus on to ensure that your kitchen serves all the purposes from appropriate work stations to modularity, ample storage and addition of detailing.


If you want your kitchen to perform both the functions of being your regular cooking place and your party hub, then here are some amazing tips you must follow-


1) Open up space for easy access- When entertaining guests, enclosed kitchens can isolate the host from the guests as she/he is busy cooking meals and serving them. So, open space kitchens can break the barriers of communication and enjoyment, which was not possible in your confined kitchen space.


Your open kitchen can serve as the centre of your party since your guests can surround themselves around your open kitchen without creating chaos, enjoying the food and drinks.


2) Create a flexible environment- Although the primary purpose for having a kitchen is to prepare meals, yet it can be modified to add a cosy place for your guests. After all they must feel relaxed at your home. The best way to create a flexible environment is to incorporate relaxed to luxe seating which gives your visitants ample space to unwind and socialise. Apart from adding selective seating, you can create a delightful ambience by playing soft music or adding a natural feature- fireplace or aquarium.


3) Integrate an island or two- Once your kitchen has emerged from the confined space, you can go on installing an island or two. Islands are a great choice for the kitchen since they make an excellent storage space for keeping appliances, microwaves, oven, dishwasher and other stuff. An island is just another addition to your entertainment package as bar stools and chairs can be placed near them.


If even upon opening up your kitchen, you are lacking space or positioning an island, then worry not, leave the management and renovation to your professional renovator company.


4) Introduce better storage space- To create a clutter-free party space, you must introduce better storage. Besides reflecting the entertainment vibes, your kitchen must be higher in functionality, making it easy for the host to keep the abstract to the back end and to present his guests with chaos free area. Therefore, cabinetry and countertops make a perfect part of the kitchen storage which can hide the appliances, cutlery, utensils and much more.


5) Don’t forget the intricacies- To invoke party mood, add structural objects and lighting features like hanging lights, creative crockery, a flat-screen TV, green elements, and decorative stuff. Once you are done with the renovations, you can easily incorporate accessories to spruce up the place.



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