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Today, almost every company has become data-driven which has made IT an indispensable part of businesses. However, it is not feasible for every business to develop a comprehensive IT infrastructure because of the upfront and maintenance costs. As such, the adoption rate of cloud computing by small and medium-sized industries has escalated over the years. Small businesses benefit immensely from cloud computing technology which saves money, as well as, time.

To know how cloud computing can benefit your business, first, you need to understand it. Cloud services are programs that run on the Internet instead of your local computer and can be accessed anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection. In other words, instead of a personal computer, the system uses a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data. This is really helpful for businesses as the program allows saving space in the network, access work from anywhere and keeps the data safe. If you’re also considering implementing cloud computing solutions for your company, read the following tips to benefit from this technology.


  1. Consider your business’s needs

To begin with, first, you need to know about the different approaches to cloud computing. A public cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365, is available to use for the general public or to a big industry group. This cloud infrastructure is owned by an organization selling cloud services. For better security, businesses rely on a private cloud which is meant for a single organization. It is managed either by a third-party cloud service provider or by the company itself. So, depending on your business’s needs, you need to decide which cloud application is better for you.

  1. Practice due diligence

One of the most common concerns that businesses have about cloud computing is with security. Businesses that deal with sensitive and private data is always concerned about the security. Every business looks forward to the functionality of the cloud but is worried that their data could be compromised. Therefore, for companies considering using cloud service to store critical or private information, it is necessary to ensure that cloud service they choose offers adequate safeguards. Check if the provider has proper certification and find out where the data is housed. If you want to be doubly sure to avoid a breach, know the geographic location of the data center. Also, most cloud services offer free trials. This will help you in finding a service provider that offers a perfect blend of features and safety. The reliable cloud-based service providers take security very seriously and are certified in security-related standards.

  1. Check for cross-platform functionality feature

There are some companies that restrict their employees from using personal devices for work. While others want to enhance their employees’ productivity and responsiveness by enabling them access workflows and data through their own mobile devices at their convenience. In this case, organizations must look for BYOD feature so that the application works on the employee’s smartphone or tablet. So, make sure the cloud service provider you select offers cross-platform functionality.

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