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For those who are very particular about their wines and prefer to have an appropriate storage area for the suitable wines, then a home wine cellar is a great option. Well, the construction and attention to detail that goes into a wine cellar is almost as essential as the attention and detail that goes into the production of the wine itself.

So in order to give your wine the space it needs to reach perfection, a home wine cellar is the best option. Once you begin collecting wines and advance in your wine collecting abilities, you will get to know more about which type of wine is intended for early consumption and which sort of wines require an excellent home wine cellar in order to reach perfection.

The most crucial thing about a wine cellar is that it needs to be able to maintain specific wine cellar temperature. The required temperature is actually a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature lower than that will eventually spoil the quality of wine and temperature more than that will bake the wine. So to have the perfect wine cellar, you need an insulated room with its own inbuilt air conditioner.



There are three types of wine cellars:

1) Self Contained: This is one of the best options if your budget is limited and space is small. Also, it is the most cost-effective cooling option and can be ducted to allow for more installation flexibility. Even it can be installed without a major renovation to space.

2) Ducted: In this type, both the evaporator and condenser are placed outside the wine cellar, usually in a utility room or outside the home in a cool area. The evaporator connects to the condenser through a line set, and the condenser shifts and retrieves air from the cellar using traditional ducting. It is best suitable when a client wants the least invasive footprint in the wine cellar.

3) Ductless split: These systems are ideal when you want a balance between budget, power, and aesthetics of high importance. Here the evaporator is attached to the cellar and connected to the condenser via line set.



1) Increases your home value: When you have a beautifully designed wine cellar in your home, many buyers would be willing to pay more for your residence, any time you decide to sell. Homebuyers who are particularly wine lovers tend to look for a home with a wine cellar in it, which serves you as a great advantage.

2) Enhances your wine knowledge: Having a wine cellar at home, enables you to gain knowledge about specific varieties of wine. The more you know, the more likely you are to learn about new wines that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

3) Enjoyment and pleasure: A wine cellar enables you to store your collection of fine wines and share it with friends and family. For wine lovers, enjoying the wine is all about choosing the right kind of wine as per the occasion and having it with family and friends.



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