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A trip to the Caribbean might have been on the vacation list for many of you for a long. And while you picture it, there might be only warm sun and widespread sand in your visualization. But, dig into the internet information a little more and speak to the people that have experienced that side of the globe in-person, you will surely get to know a lot of aspects that you currently don’t.

The Caribbean region lies southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland and is situated on the Caribbean plate. There are over 700 islands and the region is a great attraction for tourists all across the world. Because of the proximity to the United States, every American wants to visit it at least once.

But, just like any other vacation, there are guidelines for this one too. For a perfect getaway, you need proper planning. If you are keen to know, then the following tips might come in handy –

  1. Compare Island Locations

You will be surprised to know that the Caribbean islands stretch over 1,700 miles, with each island having a unique personality, activities, entertainment, and cost of staying. Also, when it comes to the landscape and lifestyle, there are great differences. Some islands are composed of volcanic rocks, others of coral and sand. Few islands have better nightlife than others. So, when you plan your vacation, you must choose the one that matches your preferences.

  1. Know Your Vacation Partners’ Needs

You might have your spouse, kids, family, or other relatives accompanying you over this trip. Or you may want to travel alone – the choice of island and accommodation will be greatly affected by this.  Not all resorts cater to families. Some are more open to couples only. But, if you have younger children or someone with limited mobility, you would want a destination and hotel that is suitable for them as well. Hence, figure this aspect in simultaneous with your other comparisons.

  1. Pick a Wise Travel Schedule

Mid-winters are usually most popular for traveling to the Caribbean but also way more expensive. So, if you want to cut down your costs of food, resorts, local travel, and most of all, airfares, then an off-season or shoulder season is a wiser choice. If you aren’t very fond of crowds, it is, in fact, the best bet. Some people unhesitantly choose hurricane season to save big bucks, but that is probably not very safe with kids and not recommended.

  1. List Down Your Favorite Activities

Booking your Caribbean vacation in advance is beneficial as you get to plan each day of the trip smartly and within the budget. You can research for the best water sports, local tours, cruising, and more and make the most of your money spent. Some of the activities that are worth your try are kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, surfing, and scuba diving.

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