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We all see newspapers and TV channels flooded with various incidents of attacks and molestations, but did you ever think what you will do if you ever faced any such situations? Well, unfortunately, no one is immune from attackers and may have to encounter one sometime in life. Now, in that case, it isn’t possible to have a control on the other person’s actions but knowing some self-defense techniques can help you get out of the danger grip.

So, arm yourself with the right kind of moves to deal with unforeseen attacks confidently and late-night trips on the road –

  1. Take a Busy Route

Of course, busy roads are a nuisance when you are actually trying to avoid traffic and looking for ways to reach your destination early. However, if you are alone, you are better off on crowded routes because the chances of anyone grabbing you are less when there are people around. Besides, there is enough moral support that if any mishap occurs, you have someone to give you physical help.

  1. Keep a Tough Body Language

There is nothing as intimidating to criminals as a man or a woman with strong and confident looks. Attackers generally don’t want to get into lengthy problems and go for easy targets. Hence, even if you are nervous, don’t let it reflect from your actions. Stand with chin up and shoulders back with eyes and ears completely alert to counteract real quick.

  1. Try to Negotiate and Walk Out

Most of the times, an individual attacking you isn’t much interested in those physical pleasures. He/she just wants the bag or expensive jewellery you are wearing. Therefore, try to make your way by handing over a little cash or mentioning that you have friends and family nearby. That may scare a newbie in the world of crime and allow you to leave.

  1. Fight Back

Talking your way out of a potential situation may not help. The attacker may be too aggressive and want to harm you. So, try to run towards a well-lighted area. If the attacker has already trapped you in a ‘bear hug’, bend your knees and drop your weight so you become difficult to move around. Try everything possible to injure the attacker and fight back till you release yourself.

  1. Learn the Vulnerable Areas

You are probably going to be less strong than your attacker. So, you better understand the soft spots of the human body and strike a blow as hard and swift as you can on them to stop the attacker from getting a hold onto you in the first place. Don’t think for too long to aim; there are possibilities that the attacker would know your intentions and become more violent.

Remember, your preparation and awareness is what helps you go long way in defending yourself. Thus, join formal self-defense classes and train your reactions.

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