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Designing a kitchen cabinet seems quite tempting but is not an easy affair. When it comes to the kitchen, you get to handle everything from the color combination to use, selecting a particular layout of your cabinets to the décor and other materials that will not only serve the purpose but also give an attractive look to the kitchen.

Turning your kitchen into a first-class cooking area requires a plethora of steps to be followed, however; the first involves remodeling the kitchen cabinets. These cabinets need to be designed such that its style must reflect your design interests and in short, cast back your personality.

Here are some tips that you must consider before commencing your kitchen cabinet designing:

  • Answering the 3 W’s – What, Where and Who


This is the most important thing that you must know beforehand so that you are aware of what and how you want to style your cabinets.

  • Start by first deciding what type of material you are considering to use for your cabinet design. There are many options available from wood cabinets to stainless steel to glass and wood.
  • The second thing is to know the location where you shall place the cabinet. It will make you understand what type of design you shall choose to give your kitchen.
  • After that, there is this crucial decision to take that who will do the cabinet designing; whether you should hire a professional to design the kitchen cabinets or you shall design them yourself.


  • Select a layout and formulate a kitchen work triangle


Select a layout according to the placement of the refrigerator, stove and the sink. They should always form a triangle. There are 3 categories among which you can select-

  • U-shaped Kitchen: This is best for wide rectangular rooms which provide maximum storing capacity.
  • L-shaped Kitchen: This is good for rectangular or square rooms which provide more counter space.
  • Gallery Kitchen: This is best for narrow rectangular rooms which do not provide corner storage.


  • Arrange your cupboards and floor plan:


A professional touch can be imparted by allocating an organized cupboard layout for your kitchen. It is necessary that you utilize your free cupboard space to the maximum limit. Always try a plethora of layout designs with a combination of fixtures to give your kitchen an appealing look.


  • Choose a design style and work upon it


When you finally embark on a kitchen cabinet design, you get intimidated by a variety of options that are available.

  • Give a traditional look by incorporating the aesthetic and cozy look and feel from cottage to country designs for your cabinets. It also provides a nostalgic vibe to your cabinets.
  • Impart a contemporary style by using glass and wood as an alternative to reflect a European style to your cabinets that bold colors or you can implement some custom cabinetry designs.
  • Also, Modern designs with natural colors include highlights from Italian and Mexican or other foreign places.

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