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Helping  poor and needy should be the prime objective of every human! Countries across the globe are suffering from extreme poverty issues with subjects degrading down to below poverty line! The great barrier and space between a rich and a poor is widening and it becomes imperative for every person to lay aid to the issue. It is omniscient that helping our society can bring vast changes to the current scenario!

Needy and poor people die because of lack of basic amenities. Lack of proper caution and improper knowledge can certainly be hazardous to the humanity and mankind!

Cases of deaths due to non-availability of blood are very prominent! The negligence and unawareness of society in blood donation  has a major part to play in such deaths. Poor nutrition plays a role in about 5 Million child deaths per year worldwide and it should be a blot on the society if one cannot lean forward to build new estimates in the graph and deteriorate the poor statistics. Malnutrition affects around 32.5% children in developing countries! The government plays its role but we as a common man, we ought to take the lead! A recent survey shows that NGOs have played an important role in this matter.
Why to wait then! Giving a hand is far better than accepting something! Poor people lying on roads, unprivileged old people are nonetheless treated in a very similar manner like downtrodden! Where the nature has shown no discrimination to its children, humans are creating an inseparable hurdle that can never be diminished between rich and poor.

Being a part of the society, it is equally our duty to take the lead and come out of our houses to help the need and poor.Ever imagined the number of starving deaths and emaciated people!
Trying to be a human is the need of this hour and it can be attained by several other ways! Here are the ways you can prove your existence in the society by helping the poor and the needy.

10. Donate leftovers and host a run

10. Donate leftovers

Well the amount of wasted food seriously requires no introduction! How much food is wasted in our houses! Let this food be given generously to the poor and the ravenous. This can bring a lot change and can certainly help in the prevention of malnutrition and many other hunger deaths. A run can serve a great way to height awareness and get community involved in something constructive.

9. Hold a benefit Concert

a benefit Concert

Holding a benefit concert can help in combating poverty as it can attract large amount of funds. If the music is quite good, then certainly you can be the one contributing in an exclusive way. The fund will definitely help the society.

8. Poverty discussion

poverty discussion

Creating an open platform for poverty and related issues can help a lot in awakening the public and enlightening them about the facts and realities that poor suffer. A lot of agendas can be brought out and also better discussions regarding helping the BPL people can be made. If not the whole town! At least it can be a fruitful effort in alleviating the poverty and hunger in the immediate surroundings.

7. Put up posters on the campus

putting posters

Encouraging the juniors and fellow students can certainly be a great help. Letting others know about the damage and the homelessness by hanging up posters in your campus can be a great help. This will enlighten the small minds towards social work. Remember youth is the only weapon that can bring varying changes!

6. Write an article

Write an article

The Art of writing has always played a significant role in all society reforms. Writing articles on poor and needy in newspapers and common magazines is a great way to spread the word. Personalizing the matter with facts and statistics can certainly help in improvising your surroundings.

5. Take legislative action and start a petition

Take legislative action and start a petition

The best way to take an action is to get yourself involved in the actions of your local government.  Pass bills and make amendments keeping the prime focus on the impoverished people. Supporting health care system and implementing a decent plan can sustain to achieve the target of a healthy world! To attain the objective of poor-free society, we should also focus on the current issues of medical and other education based systems. Educating people and enlightening them about the various challenges that the poor are facing. Also to implement better education system by inculcating the helping issues and moral values can serve the purpose. Better education can help better life skills and can help people realize their potential.  Also petitions are a fantastic way to create a change in the present scenario of the constitution or government.

4. Join a Campaign

Join a Campaign

A number of different campaigns are run by our current systems and joining them can be a great step in the benefaction of the society. A large number of participation is the best way and you can even encourage this by asking others to become a part of it. Several local and well as national campaigns are run and their sole purpose being welfare of the poor and needy.Campaigns rub by the NGOs and many other organisations  have shown a great modification in the graphs of the immediate surroundings. These campaigns give their positive results with no detriments.

3.Donate and help an individual

Donate and help an individual

It is common saying that the more you donate, the more you earn! But leaving aside the greediness and being self centered, every individual can contribute their best if they start donating. Donation is the best way to serve
the nation. Large amount of donations are given by the rich men to facilitate the needs of poor.Well a common man can himself help by donating his used belongings and also a part of his pocket money.But once you donate money to an organization, make sure where the money is going and how it is being used!  Well other than money, you can donate clothes, food , books and many more. Large organizations work on the root of donation, with their stem being a few generous and rich men. Blood donation can truly be an act of humanity! Several people die to loss of excessive blood and the simultaneous non availability of blood! Such deaths can be minimized if we take a stand to donate blood every year.



There are numerous ways by which you can light up the society. Helping and asking your local religious society and nearby organizations can bring you to direct action and also help the cause. Working with children, women, elderly, mentally ill and other unprivileged people can serve the society. Students can help by working in small organizations that work to help the needy. There are many programs to awaken and educate the people about the necessary food items that they can grow at a sustainable way and many other related courses for the development of the society; joining them would be a better way. Volunteering in blood campaigns and many more definitely help to solve the needs.

1. Educate yourself

educate yourself

There are many arenas where the need of sustainable development is required! The best way would be to enrich your knowledge about the various rights that the people are deprived off and to garner information as to where to utilize your time and energy. A good deal of research may help you to better link to the rights and betterment of people. Reproductive rights, environmental rights and the workers’ rights , when learnt properly can certainly turn out to be bliss for the needy people.A large number of women die every year due to lack of reproductive rights. The time has come to take a stand in this matter and save our mothers and sisters!Learning and then distributing knowledge to the local villagers about the birth complications and the nutrition required by a mother can help lower down the infant mortality rates to a great extent!Environmental rights along with the workers’ rights can ameliorate the scene, but the foremost thing would be to educate yourself, allied to utterly knowledge.

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