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Just take a minute and think about your life, be it travelling to work or watching television for entertainment or even exercising for a fitter body all are carried out with the help of technology. Human started using technology to improve standard of living, however, now living without gadgets just seems impossible. Even though technology has helped in fast development of every nation it has also made people lazy and dumb. According to reports, technology has made people less informative and also led to various diseases like sleep disorders and stress. Technology is instated from a pen to complicated machinery and creates stress in people’s minds. It could also cause mental disorders. Technology is updating and changing every day and people are running behind it to get the latest version but we forget to take a look about their disadvantages. So, let’s take a look at different aspects of technology which is making us super lazy and dumb.

10. Waste of time and resources

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy1

Internet is used 24-7 by people for work and even for entertainment purposes but, nowadays use of social networking sites by employees at office working hours leads to waste of resources and time. Due to this, many organizations have banned use of these social networking sites at official hours. According to recent researches, scientists have found that these networking sites lead to increase in anxiety levels. The availability of social networking sites on mobiles and tablets have even made the matter worse. Social networking sites have also lead people to pretend that their life is adventurous and amazing by posting pictures of every place they go and updating every single information on their Facebook walls.

9. Obesity

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy2

Obesity is a major problem that has taken place due to overuse of technology. Obesity is not the result of excessive eating but also due to lack of physical activity. The rate of obesity around the world is increasing at a very fast level. Earlier people used to walk miles but nowadays the use of updated cars has made people lazy and prefers using it even in crowded places. The number of cars have increased drastically and also pollution. Scientists have said that children prefer to stay indoors and play video games for hours rather than playing outdoors. It even affects the education of children. It makes them distracted and lost.


8. Cyber crimes

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy3

Internet has led to serious cyber crimes like hacking, fishing and threatening. Many a times, email accounts, bank accounts and even other accounts get hacked which can lead to mishandling of information. The pictures could be cropped and used for wrong reasons by the hacker. Due to lack of stringent IT laws, the crimes are harming the users and the criminals get saved. Due to increasing services like net banking, online shopping and even business mails exchanged it is dangerous for the consumers and companies. The hackers create fake and similar websites to fool the users and transfer money for their benefits.


7. Reduces retention power

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Do you regularly forget important information or miss out on a date? Then, think again it is due to excessive use of technology. Humans depend on the technology by keeping reminders and making notes of necessary things on tablets, mobiles and laptops but forget to keep notes in their brains. According to researchers, the retention power of a person becomes low. It can also be a major reason for Alzheimer’s disease at old age. It hampers the minds of youth and children alike.


6. Overload of information

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy5

Nowadays, the same information is available at different places which make the person confused. If a new story is broadcast-ed on television the same gets posted online as well as on different platforms which are an overload of information and the user doesn’t understand anything. Technology not only provides overload of information but at times gives different versions of the same information. Many times wrong or faux news gets floated. Even though information is accessible at any time of the day it has also made people ignorant and dumb.


5. Sleeping disorders and Depression

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy6

The use of technology messes with the sleeping patterns of people. People take sleeping pills for a peaceful sleep but do not understand the need to reduce excessive use of gadgets. Due to hectic lifestyle which includes technology leads to serious sleep disorder diseases. It could also lead to depression problems. According to researches, use of cell phones results in depression symptoms. Spending unlimited time and energy on technology rather than on social outings also causes depression. As it is said, ‘Early to bed and early makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. A person needs to get at least 7 hours of sleep a
nd exercise is an important part for a healthy lifestyle.


4. Insecurity

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy7

The gadgets keep us connected to the outer world what if it gets unavailable for a day? A tech savvy person usually starts to be insecure and agitated. The researches have shown that most of the people have very high anxiety levels. They are less focused on real world and their mind keeps wandering what is happening in the outer world. Take an example if your mobile internet does not work for a day you will get so anxious to get all the news that is happening around the world and also about what’s going in your friend’s life.


3. Fear of taking risks


People fear investing in new opportunities and prefer to take the safe path. This is also one of the effects of using technology. Technology has made us so comfortable and inculcated a habit of getting things more easily. If we take a look at people living in rural areas are ready to put themselves into tedious physical tasks whereas, in the cities even carrying a bunch of files seems like a hectic task. People even get into using medications for losing weight and other health issues whereas, using natural methods are the least possibility. Without risk there is no way to achieve success in life.


2. Lack of concentration

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy8

Technology has started being used for education in schools like learning through video conferencing or using you-tube videos for various subjects but students spend around maximum time of their day gluing into computer screens and wasting their time. The major problem arises when they are provided with gadgets at a very young age. Children between the ages of 10-13 get to know all the unhealthy knowledge and have a wrong impact on them. For example, children are exposed to violence at young ages through movies and other mediums which ends them making rebellious and furious.


1. Addiction

Top 10 Ways how Technology is making us Super Lazy9

Can you stop using your mobile phones and laptops for a day? Does it seem impossible? Nowadays, people are extremely addicted to their gadgets. They spend half of their lifetime on web and phones. There have been instances in which people start believing that the real world exists on internet and live in pretending’s and hypocrisy. Technology was made for us but it seems we are living for gadgets and they have become our life. People even start believing that their real friends are online but forget it could be a fake account. Technology has its own benefits and disadvantages but we should not completely build our world’s on technology.



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