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Parents are said to be the first gurus(teachers) of a child. Having just completed my teen life so to say, having been able to come in contact with many individuals (with different habits and qualities) and having read quite a bit of psychology, I have learnt that children are the sheer product of their milieu at home, in particular, as humans. So, it would not be unconvincing if  I would say that to be a good parent is very crucial as you are the one who is going to add an individual to the society and it is all  in your own hands to mold the child the way you want. Children throughout their lives do whatever they are taught by their parents in their  early years, these add to the basic nature of them.It is interesting to know that these are the lessons that bind to the super ego part of the child’s brain. Here are the top ten things that I feel, are of ample significance that parents must teach their children and most importantly practice them in front of the children.

10. Be affectionate


Everybody wants love be it poor,rich,young or old. We are able to survive because of love  that is given to us by others. Tell your kids that loving people will make them happy and others too. Thinking for other’s feelings should always be kept in mind before doing or saying anything. Also, teach them to love nature, the wonderful gift of God .From animals to plants everything needs love and care and one do get it in return in one or the other form. Parents also at times,must tell their children that they love them. Spending time with children,playing with them can be addition to your love showing effort.

9. Respect


Respecting others, be it elders, peers or people younger than yourself is very important. One must teach their kids that every other individual is like them and it is only if they respect others that they will be respected by others.One must scold the children if they show disrespect to others or answer back to the elders. Teaching this at younger age will help the child in his years to come. 

8. To not be a Complain-Box


Well, this is something I have seen that most of the people are victims of. I would suggest that one must not pamper their children to an extent that they are unable to adapt to environs dissimilar to their homely one. It is appreciable on the part of the parents that they do not fulfill each and every need of a child, from toy to favorite food to be in company of people only of your status or class (one does not know what life has for you to unfold in future). It is always advisable to, at times, take children to new places and help them learn to adapt to the same.

7. To help needy


Man as is often said is a social animal. One is not able to survive without the help of others. We all need help at one or the other point of time. This quality is something that people with growing age prefer to keep aside and turn self fish. It is of vital importance to teach the kids to help their friends, elders or even strangers when they ask them or when they find them in need. Asking them to help you in daily chores would definitely do to give them a practical example.

6. Justice


It might seem to be a lesson far off from child’s compass but it could be started at an early age. Often we see children fighting when they are playing among other kids, make sure that the one who is wrong apologize and also, does something that would make the other happy and mend for his/her wrong doing. Always teach your children to be truthful and apologize when they are wrong. Ask them to demand for the right decision and also defend themselves if they are being blamed wrongly.

5. Determined and hard-working.


Children should be taught to keep striving for what they want to learn. As hard work is the key for success we must inculcate in our children the feeling to be laborious. They must be told that failure if it comes to them should be taken as a lesson for achieving what they want in future, giving their best the next time. I would like to add that child’s field of interest should be recognized by parents at these initial ages and the child should be trained in the best way possible in order to sharpen it.

4. Reading


Myself being a regular reader, I would suggest my readers to inculcate in their children the habit of reading. I really feel a dire need that all of us must maintain a small library at our homes. The children should be asked to read every night something that is not included in their school syllabus.Comics,children’s magazines and short stories should be provided to children at this stage. It really helps children to be creative, imaginative and yes, it does help them to expand their perspective.

3. Responsiblity


Responsible individuals  are praised by everyone and this quality is developed at our first school ,that is, at our homes. One must assign small tasks to their
kids and must make sure they do it responsibly and on time.The sense of  importance of time too should be taught to the kids by maintaining a time table for them and keeping an eye that they follow it quiet strictly.

2. Loving oneself

Learning the lesson of individuality is very crucial. Here ,what I mean by individuality is that every individual is different with different qualities and goals and something is good in each one of us. A child must learn that he/she should always be what he/she is and must not copy others. Loving oneself the way one is,is very important, hence a child must be told this in the early stages of his/her life. 

1. Being Bold and Fearful



The heading of this point must be sounding like a paradox but both these qualities are of equal importance. One must tell the children that there is someone(superpower) watching them all the time and one must always do things that are morally correct otherwise,they will be punished perhaps not at that very moment but surely sometimes later in life. So, fear in a little amount is crucial for our progress since it is only when there is fear that we adhere to our task and move towards the target. We must teach our kids that facing challenges whenever they  are thrown to us is necessary and not giving up is important. Also, helping children to learn to keep their opinion and ideas in front of others and having confidence in themselves should be done.One must keep in mind that the child should be exposed to opportunities where he/she could be able to shrug off his/her hesitation and  present himself/herself boldly among others and hence be able to gain confidence.

Children are the reflections of the parents. Hence, parenting is a big and difficult task. Kids are like clays, I would say, who could be molded the way we want. Being a good human being should be the aim of each one of us and teaching our children to be alike should be our motive ,hence we must teach our kids the good lessons and inculcate the  good qualities in them like the ones mentioned above.



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