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Dogs are an amazing creation of god and are wonderfully awesome companions as well, present for you at every moment. They make us forget the day’s worries and stress and bring along with them a fresh air of positivity and joy. Dogs are known for their loyalty and unconditional love towards their masters and they justify every bit of this statement in a beautiful manner. They love you, play with you, exhibit care for you, walk all around you to gain your attention and most importantly, they be with you. When kept as pet, they develop themselves into an indispensable and integral part of the family and live for you. There are plenty of activities that dogs do, which increase our love and affection towards them by leaps and bounds. Those little activities of theirs make them appear way cuter then they are and end up making us say “Super Adorable!” The list is an endless one, but a few super adorable things that dogs do can be penned down.

10. The angrier, the cuter

10. The angrier, the cuter

Usually dogs are all happy and fun filled at every moment, but when they get annoyed due to some reasons (very little ones obviously), a few of them being not getting something that they like to eat, making them remain disciplined etc, they display their mood in a very adorable way. Often, such cute gestures compel their masters to bring in a little flexibility in their routine and help them earn some fun moments, as their charm never goes unnoticed.

9. When they doze off in your arms

9. When they doze off in your arms

Hours pass by playing with dogs, such is their cuteness. One fails to realize the time elapsed when in company of their pets and so is the case with dogs as well. They too are so much engrossed in playing or just being with their master that they often take a nap in their lap or arms it selves. At this very moment, they appear to be so sweet that one can’t even think of getting up and leaving them alone, therefore we willingly let our cute little dogs relish their nap of comfort without any complaint.

8. That constant insistence of “Take me out for a walk”

8. That constant insistence of Take me out for a walk

“And, it’s time to go for a walk! Let’s get going!” is what dog eyes says most of the time, when they wish to be taken out for some fun and recreation. Dogs are ever ready to go out and the way they get you in favor of doing the same is remarkably delightful. They move around you, to and fro, lick your hands or pull you gently to convince for a stroll. Those tiny deeds of theirs make you take them out for sure, as they are too adorable to be ignored or declined, so you do agree, that too with pleasure. Dogs make you love them and agree to them in numerous lovely ways!

7. Feel guilty like anything, when commit a mistake

7. Feel guilty like anything, when commit a mistake

When dogs go wrong, they know it and realize as well. As already known, they are involved in a number of naughty and playful activities throughout the day. So, it is quite obvious that they usually end up committing some mistake or the other. But, the sense of guilt in dogs is really very high and they do all possible things to cover up for their fault and explain their masters about it just being a mistake they won’t be repeating again.  The ways out to this that dogs find are just too lovely and melt our anger (only if it arises) in a fraction of seconds. The most common thing that dogs do to express their guilt is that they either hide in some corner of the house or just hide their face by their paws, which is super adorable and pleasant. At times, they give you that ultra innocent look which has the power of changing your mood that very moment and compelling you to forgive them, which is what you actually doing.

6. They Remind you… it’s time for food

6. Making you remember... it’s time for food

Everybody loves food and nothing goes different for dogs as well. Majority of them are foodies and love to have all sorts of different eatables for their meal, especially the ones that their master are having! If petted properly, every pet dog has fixed time for meals which they get used to and expect their food at the same time every day. So if by slightest chance you forget about it and skip their time, dogs know how to ring the bell, and when they do that, the scene is superbly cute and eye catching. They’ll point towards kitchen, make silly gestures, show you their empty food bowls and do a lot more lovable actions to remind you.

5. That warm welcome when you return home

5. That warm welcome when you return home

In the present scenario of high stress levels and tensions surrounding people, a warm and hearty welcome is all what is required to work as stress busters when one returns home after a full long tiring day. The way dogs jump out of joy sensing the fact that their master is back, is lovely. They rush to greet them at the door and cling on to them exhibiting deep love and affection, making the person forgets all the worries, if not for long, at least for a while. This act of dogs is so endearing that one gets infused with lots and lots of positivity and happiness, and is thus energized for further challenges and tasks.

4. The cute little attention seekers!

4. These cute little attention seekers!

Like a small little kid in the house, dogs too are inclined towards gaining maximum attention possible. If ignored or over looked, due to any reason (even if genuine enough), they become gloomy and grab a corner for themselves. They won’t participate in other activities going on and try to make you notice them through their silly yet lovely actions. Another way that dogs formulate to get hold of their master’s attention, which is very important to them, is by doing little childish things and roaming around them for no reason. All they want is their master’s interest in them for which they act in a really babyish manner, which again is super adorable for us to look at.

3. Their “Are you secretly eating something?” look!

3. Their Are you secretly eating something look!

You can’t hide anything from these cute little companions of yours, eatables being on the top of the list as dogs are blessed with impeccable sniffing abilities. As a matter of fact, there are many such things that can’t be given to dogs to eat due to health related issues, making us keep all that away from them and not allowing them to consume the same. But, dogs manage spotting their masters if they are having something all by themselves without sharing with them, and those are the moments where they look with such greedy eyes and make themselves look way sweeter than ever. This innocent act on their part is very much pleasing and at times melts us to the extent where we allow them to have a part, limited though!

2. When they wake you up in the morning… lovely

2. When they wake you up in the morning... lovely

There’s nothing as adorable as the act of a dog trying to wake up its master early in the morning with their paws filled with loads of tenderness and love. They make sure they don’t harm you and touch you gently, or at times, lick your face or come closer to you. A dog lover can certainly understand the love and affection delivered in this small action and would definitely find it very pleasing.

1. The way they comfort and express, “I’m there with you”

1. The way they comfort and express, “I’m there with you”

Dogs prove to be the greatest companions and stand by your side amidst all the adversities. Though being animals they can’t provide much of practical aid in any situation, yet they do provide a high emotional support and sense of security. When disheartened, it’s a very common practice to sit by your pet’s side and speak your heart out to them. Apart from the fact that they can’t speak, they understand everything very well and their eyes and gestures say a lot more than what words can. This expression of dogs is very adorable and deepens the love for them in their master’s heart greatly.

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