Top 10 Safe Driving Habits Everyone Must Follow – ListDen

One of the best quote about driving I ever read- “When you drive there is always risk, but you don’t have to be a risky driver!” Practicing Safe driving are best way to prevent yourself and others from mishap.

Currently, 3500 people die every day in road accidents and 50 million are injured every year on road. The Safe and Sustainable Roads Reports, launched by campaign for Global Road Safety says, road safety is one of the world’s greatest development challenges and predicts the number of people killed in traffic accidents will rise from 1.3 million to 2 million a year if no urgent action is taken. Not all the road accidents are misfortune; some are results of our careless attitude. The best way to deal with this issue is to inculcate the safe driving habits in every individual on road. As it is always said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Here are top 10 Safe Driving Habits every one must follow in order to protect their lives as well as of others and to decrease the ever increasing death toll of road accidents every year :


10. Don’t drive when Tired


Never drive when you are tired and drowsy. When you are tired you may fall asleep anytime, hence creating a risk for yourself as well as other wheels on road. Always take ample amount of sleep before heading out on long routes and if possible do not drive at a long stretch.


9. Be Cautious while Driving in Bad Weather


Bad weathers bring special offers with them, increased risk and increased chances of collision. First of all you should always avoid heading out for long routes during bad weather. And if you have decided to head out in extreme weathers like snow, heavy rainfall or fog etc. then you need to be extra cautious while driving. Always drive lower than the specified speed limits and try to follow all the traffic rules. Often during snow, heavy rainfall, or fog, when drivers are not able to spot road clearly since the visibility fades they tend to follow some other vehicles whose light is visible to them, which increase the chance of collision.


8. Keep Your Vehicle Up to the Mark


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ―Benjamin Franklin. Although the share spent on maintenance stands nowhere in front of the expenditure of accident still people hesitate to spend on maintenance. This negligence sometimes turns out to be a fatal consequence as loss of lives and property. Even a simple imbalance of tyre pressure can cause an explosion in the vehicle or softer break can lead to a fatal accident yet these small issues of maintenance are always overlooked. One should always keep his vehicle up to date with all the safety measures right from keeping an Stepney , to checking wear and tear of brakes systems, every safety measure should be considered.


7. Never Drive in Hurry or Worry


Hurry and worry are those emotions which tingles uneasiness, anxiety and fear within you, thus they lead to diverting your focus. A good driver very well understands the need of focus while driving; a driver has to keep check on not only his activity but he has to watch out for possible risks around him, thus creating there is strong need of focus. Hence it is always advised to keep some time margin while travelling to avoid last minute rush and also try to avoid driving when you are stressed.


6. Watch Out and Stay Cautious


Whether you are the culprit or the victim in an accident, you have to pay your share. You may be hit by a drunk driver or you may end hitting a divider but the fact is you have to bear the loss. That straight forwardly indicates that while on road along with following all the traffic rules you have to keep an eye on your surrounding and watch out to prevent yourself. While driving always stay cautious and keep an eye on everything around, no matter cattle or vehicle. Because unlike court proceedings accidents never listen to excuses!


5. Never Tailgate


Tailgating in a manner that you leave no room even for the pedestrians to cross the road is not only dangerous but it is annoying and uneconomical too. By following at dangerously close distance you can end up crashing bumpers and at the same time your aggressive attitude may be annoying to others. Apart from increasing the chance of hitting tailgating also reduces the vehicle’s mileage by 33% on highways and 5% on city streets. Hence it is uneconomical too. One of the important safe driving habits is to maintain Comfortable Distance on Road.


4. Always Wear Seat Belt/Helmet


This safety issue comes under law in many countries. All car drivers must wear seat belts and motorcyclists must wear helmets. Wearing seat belt/helmets in a moving vehicle is believed to have saved millions of lives worldwide. When your car is involved in a collision, your car decelerates very quickly. Unless you or other vehicle passengers are held back by means of a safety belt you keep on moving in the same speed as your car was cruising before the impact (Newton’s Law of Action Reaction). Wearing helmet prevents your head smashing with ground while accidents. Thus you should always wear helmet/seat belts while driving and do not take any chance against your safety.


3. Don’t Drink and Drive


A huge share of road accidents is caused due to carelessness of drunk drivers every year. Many of those lives could have been saved if drunk drivers would not have hit them. Alcohols and drugs cause impairment in human body which results in drowsiness,
blurred vision, lack of decision making and loss of sense etc. if you are planning to go for celebrating the weekend with drinks then don’t take your car to risk your life as well as others.


2. Traffic Rules are meant to be Followed!


Every government has set some simple standards for driving which are not at all abstruse to follow. Speed limit are mentioned almost everywhere. Traffic lights are provided at every cross. Still people run on them in hurry causing several accidents every year. We should never overlook the simple traffic rules while driving, like going on your left, turning on indicator when you are about to take a turn, using dipper at night, slowing down when the light turns amber and stopping when it turns red etc. these small things can save many lives. There is a very famous saying, ‘Take care of small things and big things will automatically fall in line’.


1. Say no to distractions while driving!


Last but not the least, now comes the factor Distractions. Distraction decays your focus and you don’t even realise it. Music, cell phone, edibles etc are several forms of distraction. A huge fraction of accidents occurring every year are result of distraction. Hence you should always try to avoid indulging in such activities while driving.  Either invest in a Bluetooth headset if you cannot afford being away from your phone or stop to attend calls. This is beneficial to you as well as others also. The best advice for safe driving is”Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel”.



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