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It is a quiet hard fact of life that we all enter the world alone and leave it alone. Amidst this, is what life is .We all are social beings with some particular roles. In the struggle of life we see that there are times when we seemingly lose everything, there seems no support around, no one for us, no helping hand from family, no friends. It is only the individual, alone who is fighting, fighting for himself/herself, finding some way out to get oneself engaged into the worldly activities in order to live and survive on this earth. In such situations, I feel that it is only in oneself that one can believe in, that’s the only ray of hope. One should I feel only believe in oneself that, trust me, that would certainly create wonders. Here are the top ten reasons why one should always believe in oneself

10. Self confidence-

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One of the most vital qualities that a successful and happy human being should have is the confidence in himself/herself. Believing in oneself and his /her capabilities, capacities is definitely an aid in helping one to boost oneself in any situation .A person who does not believe in himself/herself quiet clearly looses half of the game at that very point. So, self confidence should always be a part of your being whatever the circumstances may be. Obviously, over confidence should not be allowed to overpower you.

9. Explore new opportunities.

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Yes, that’s true, when a person is aware of his talents, and works for it wholeheartedly, and believes in himself/herself, there comes a time when one is able to open up new window of opportunities. One is actually able to present oneself with full enthuse and give his/her best and hence the outcome is actually the best one. New opportunities themselves come when one is open to new ideas and is ready to expose oneself to new fields.

8. Acts as an inspiration

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Whenever one is in very onerous  situations, it is my advice that one should always look into the past when he/she has been able to achieve the target. Those happy moments certainly helps oneself to believe in one’s ability and brings back that source of inspiration that one is in dire need of. It is  you,who did it in the past and why not now? You still can do it-this should be the spirit that one must bring into the light and act accordingly to the right path.

7. Decision making

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We all are individuals with our own minds, our notions. Individual choice should always be given preference; the habit of being a part of the herd should not be your way. Deciding is what is too important and something that only can help you to show up your importance and ideas to others. Having belief in oneself always, yes it always does assist you in making significant decisions in life. When one has actually searched for one’s talents and accepted one’s weakness one is surely capable to decide what is good and what is bad for oneself.

6. Self discovery

All of us I believe, have numerous talents all hidden within ourselves. Most of us are not able to actually give it a try and bring it out to the world. A person who is fully confident is able to search into oneself and find out what one is capable of. Self discovery is what I truly feel that one will be able to find it.

5. To visualize

We all have dreams and fantasies that we crave for. It is surely a part of the initial stages when one sets one’s ambition. There is ,I think, no harm in doing that. There is a chance that when you see yourself as a writer or an actor that is when you imagine yourself to be in that position, only then, you will be able to move forward, your love for that particular interest will grow more and more and perhaps, eventually you will be able to reach it. So the visualization of various positions good or bad is what one is able to do when one is aware of oneself.

4. Develop relationships.

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As I said in the beginning that we are social beings and to live we need company and it is only us who are actually responsible for our social surroundings .It is completely dependent on our attitude and behavior that we are able to connect with people. In today’s world where everybody wants to make contacts with the best of the people, there is an obvious need of self- confidence, it is only then one will be able to present oneself in the best way possible among others. And I strongly feel that it is only people with individuality, one with clear views that people choose to engage with. Hence,when one gives oneself that dignity and respect that one wants from others,only then one will be actually able to develop connections with them.

3. More respect.

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Respect is something every individual craves for. A person who is self assured is able to make positive impact on people around him. The world automatically seems to drive towards that person, respect him/her. Along with the respect from others one is able to respect oneself and hence able to move towards higher goals in life.

2. Negative thoughts away.

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Negative air is something that is so abundantly available but positivity is scarce. Negativity is the worst thing that one has to face and it is the root cause of many problems. Depression as we all know, the mental condition that could lead one to give up one’s life, is the worst outcome of this negativity. One should always try to keep oneself far away from pessimistic things and always try to find good in things around and people around. Once one gets trapped into this web of negative th
oughts and things it is very difficult to come out of it. When an individual is able to live happily and with confidence, it is seen that  positive things seem to be making path for the individual.

1. love for oneself

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Failure in life leads an individual to blame oneself and self love completely dies away. Self love to a
Certain extent is very important; it helps one to progress towards one’s aim. When there is love for
one there is always a scope for development. Self- love helps one to remain enthusiastic, keep striving and gain the inner satisfaction .Hence, believing in oneself leads to loving oneself .Individuality as mentioned earlier is very relevant in life. One must try to speak out one’s ideas and thoughts and that is possible only when one is able to believe in oneself.
It is quite clear from the points above that for development and progress and in particular for that gratification that everyone looks for throughout one’s life, there is a need for each one of us to believe in oneself. Identity or individuality, I believe is the most important thing and it is only when one realizes this that one is able to explore oneself and find one’s own hidden side or talents and work with full attentiveness to the pursued goal. Therefore, one must have faith in oneself and it is only then that one will be able to lead a successful and happy life.



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