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According to Wikipedia, “Dance is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting, and is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story”. But personally speaking, I don’t think dance needs any definition. Dance is the language of the soul. Dance is the poetry of poets. Dance is the expression of the artists. Dance is the blanket we shovel around when we are lost around. Dance is that form of love whose strings are deeply attached to us. Dance makes us prance like a child again. Dance makes us relive the divine moments. Dance makes us feel the beauty of life. Dance mends broken hearts. What more do we need?

Although I am an amateur in the picture perfect frame of dance, still there are many reasons I still am attached to dance.

10.Pretty good way to work out:

work out

Gone are the days when hard work matter the most. Presently, the world follows one rule “Beauty is the key to the locker of the beholder”. To remain in perfect shape and gorgeous, we need to care for our body. But, this frail body refuses to endure such hardships. Dance is an easy way out to fool our little hearts because heart doesn’t know whether are dancing, jogging or exercising. Dance is that form of exercise which allows us to get a perfect workout in addition to some fun and kick. Workout is the requisite for each and every person and dance is the solution to get rid of boring sessions and burn out undesired calories. Due to this, it can ward off many chronic diseases and brings out a happier you.

9.Who doesn’t like to dress up?

dressed up

Dressing up is the most ecstatic moment of every girl’s life. And for men, it can be hectic but sometimes it comes up with the same reaction as that of a girl. Girls can have countless number of wears, but still all would agree that they don’t have proper to wear. The fact behind this is they all love to wear different kinds and dress up to show their exquisite beauty to the world. So, in a way due to various forms of dancing, one gets to showcase his dressing talent as well.

8.Connects body with soul:

connects soul

How often we ask for our soul? In this materialistic world, we tend to forget there is something inside us which will never leave us even after our death. Maintaining a balance between the body and soul is the key to happy life. But imbalance of the mind and soul seems to be crippling within. Stress of the mind can cause high blood pressure or other illness, to which there is only one solution- Exercise. And thanks to dance, we need not go through all these tensions. Dance connects our soul, body and mind and keeps the doctor away!!

7.Expressing those which words can’t express:

expressing with dance

We all must have gone through these days when words fall short of expressing our thoughts. Or we don’t have enough guts to express those feelings to that special one. So what are you waiting for? Dance is the simple solution at your service. In the next prom night party, ask her for a dance. Make your approach so clear that she is bound to fall for you. Or tune in to her favourite song and dance onto it along with her, hands in hands, eyes speaking a thousand words. After so much effort, even she will give in to your embrace.

6.Having fun and excuse for a longer smile :


Be it party in a disco. Be it birthday bash of a special one. Be it marriage ceremony of friends. Be it insane picnic on the road trip. Dance is always there to enthrall our lives and fill it with fun and excitement. Dance is that medicine which one patient would be glad to sip in without any complaints. Whether it is the beginners or the perfectionist, everyone would vow on to dance for bringing back fun in their lives. The mere sound of music makes our feet tap and we get engrossed in a world known to no one. Let it be for a fraction of second, but we feel as if we are flying high onto the high skies.

5.Confidence boosters:

confidence boosters

Dance boosts up the confidence to face the world and instills the mind with self esteem. Many people feel intimidated at the mere thought of awkwardness they will face after shaking that leg. But after learning dance, they are back bubbling with confidence. Due to their interest in learning dance, they overcome their fear, anxiety and nervousness and emerge out to be the winner. This important lesson makes them surer of their capabilities and pushes the outer cocoons to show case their talents to the whole world.

4.Builds up patience:


Gone are the days, when people were patiently waiting for their boulders to be cleared in their path of life. Present generation know nothing of patience and is even least interested to know. They want everything at a click away. And again dance comes as a savior. Learning dance steps with perfection is no child’s play. It is done after days of practice and hounds of patience. Dancing is hard but intriguing. People learn it for weeks but still come home with the hope of learning the rest. Dance leaves us with lifetime opportunities to relive feelings which actually will confront us in the future.

3.Make people envious:


If you possess the extra something, people are bound to get green-eyed. The talent which you honed for many years is worthy of getting attention. When there is a huge party in the town, possessing the talent of shaking that leg can be a cherry on the cake. A grand celebration, a dance with your crush, foes getting green with envy, what more can you desire for? So, this small but extra special cue had saved you from getting ignored and you enjoy the bash to its utmost.

2.It brings out a smarter you:


Smart?  Dance can make me smarter? Yes, you have read it correct. Dance has the power to make us smarter because of the physical exercise and increased level of serotonin level. We tend to think more often abo
ut the next movement or next step. In a way, our brains are getting exercised. More smart means more lively and rewarded an extra point in thriving towards success.

1.Pause button to all tensions:


Have I prepared well for the seminar?

Should I be going out with my friends when I have exams tensions swinging on my head?

I have done a huge mistake. I will surely be caught by the officials. What should be my next step?

Who doesn’t have tensions in life? Surely that would be nil. At some point of time, we need to give them a break and live our life. We all love to dance around, pause, replay our life for a moment and we are at the epitome of enjoyment. We become frantically engrossed in the thrill of it that we tend to forget actually who we are.

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