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SUCCESS – The word which has its own allure such that each one of us wants a taste of it. When we think of success, images of people like Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates flashes in our mind. We often think that what did these people had in themselves that they became great icons of many of us. Admired from these people, we try to follow their path but it is not the path we need to follow, it is their character which we have to inseminate in ourselves to become successful. Success means different things to different people but the basic idea and the principle behind it is the same.

10. Have a Clear Objective


Successful people know what they want and they are not confused. They are not distracted or deviated because of the environment around them. They know their final goal and do everything in their power which leads them to it. They have a dream, and they work honestly for it. To have a dream is the first step towards a successful life. To work for your lifelong dream is the key to a happy life. A life without an objective is like a drop of water lost in an ocean.

9. Creative


Successful people make their own path and whatever they do have originality in itself. They create new things and are brave enough to take risks with their creations. “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” and this quality make them different from the common people. They do not fear for the failures of their ideas but rather try to learn from them. A new and unique idea if successful will lead to great heights while a common idea does not. Be a thinker and you will get new ideas. The more you think, the more ideas you get.

8. Focused and Committed


Successful people always concentrate on their prime goals and objectives. They are not side tracked from their path. Whatever they do, be it sleeping, eating or anything, their main aim is always on their mind and they take actions keeping their goals in focus. They work on tasks that are more important and always prove themselves to be productive. Successful people know that it may take time to achieve their goals and they are committed towards it whatever time it may take. They stay committed even if they don’t see light at the end of their path. They may face failures in their life but their ultimate goal is never distracted and they work for it until they achieve it.

7. Well Planned


Planning is the key to time management. Plan your day efficiently and you can manage your time in the best way. Most of the common people start their day without any plan for their work but successful people have their day well planned. They do not waste time in thinking what they have to do. They know what to do and most importantly when to do. They know the perfect time to take actions. Planning makes their objective clear and makes it possible to achieve them in time. Successful people always plan their goals that they can accomplish, the goals which they capable to achieve, avoiding their weakness.

6. Follow your Conscious


Right Decisions at the right moment is very important to achieve success at any step of life. Successful people have the ability to make correct decisions instantaneously and they acquire this ability by following their conscious. They believe in themselves and take decisions with which they feel satisfied without being influenced by other’s thoughts. Decisions are needed to be taken by considering all the facts and issues and if these people don’t get expected results, the decisions change. Of course, decisions are not meant to be carved in stones. Even in times of turmoil, these people keep themselves balanced and take effective decisions. They keep their mind relaxed and think more before taking decisions.

5. Willingness and Curiosity to Learn


A successful person never thinks he knows it all. No one in this world can know it all. Knowledge is like a never ending stream. There is always more to learn. For a constant growth and success, a successful person tries to improve his skills and upgrade his knowledge every day. In order to thrive, one needs to have a never ending quest for knowledge. Only those who give themselves up to learning new things and arts every day, gets success in life. They are the people who are admired and eulogized all over the world. A successful person is never over obsessed with himself and is always eager to learn different things from different people. The attitude of a student always remains inside a successful person, no matter how much he had achieved in his life.

4. Positive Thinking and Self Confidence


Confidence comes with preparation and once you are confident you start thinking positively. Successful people, even if face failures, always believe that their success is inevitable because they had put a lot of effort and are always ready to put more into it. They believe in themselves and always have an attitude of “I can do it”. Successful people are the source of positive energy for others. They are self-motivated and their presence motivates the people around them.

3. Find your Passion


A successful person is a one who enjoys his work. We cannot attain perfection in something if we do not enjoy it. As long as we do not attain excellence in our skills we cannot succeed in life. A person who follows his passion always enjoys his work and takes great pleasure in the pains to improve his skills. A passionate person is always exc
ellent in his work. Sachin Tendulkar is successful today and is such a great inspiration to all the people worldwide because he followed his passion with all his heart and gave all his time and energy to succeed in it. He chose his passion as his career and not as a hobby. Successful person never neglect their talent as it is a god gift and possessed by only a few.

2. Never Quit


“Winners never quit.” A person loses when he quits not when he fails. Successful people never get disappointed due to their failures instead they learn from their failures and their mistakes and try again. They never accept defeat. They never lose faith in themselves and their purpose. “Failures are the stepping stones to success.” Failures help us to get experience and experience helps us to take effective actions in future. People like Abraham Lincoln have always inspired us to overcome our life’s difficulties and to keep going ahead instead of multiple failures. Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections before finally becoming the 16th president of United States of America. To succeed in life, one must be strong headed and accept every failure as a challenge and should never stop trying.

1. Hard Work


There is no substitute to hard work and successful people work very hard. They know that if they do not work hard, they could not reach anywhere in life. They are workaholics. They put long hours for a step towards their aim. They wait for their hard work to be paid off. They don’t believe in luck. Without hard work a person cannot get excellence in his work as a person sitting on a dictionary cannot learn to spell a word. They put their best efforts in their course of action. It takes a lot of pain to work hard but when you reach your goal, the happiness you get, has no bounds.



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