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Grandparents, the greatest storytellers, the initiators of a loving legacy and the custodians of traditions are a family’s greatest treasure. They are reserves of love and wisdom that enrich our lives manifold. Standing as the entire family’s foundation, at times of happiness or sorrow, through their special love and care, they keep a family close at heart. They are like an old and mature shady tree adoringly showering their cool, serene shade to their grandchildren. Right from enlightening us with the right and the wrong, inculcating within us the need of patience and humility and making us recognize the power of god, they are one of the most effective teachers, we can ever experience. Recollecting the memories made with them is what continues to make us smile and be obliged for.

Your grandparents deserve a gift not just for their birthday or an occasion but also just to thank them for all the magnificent things that they have done for you. The ideal gift for your grandparents should be the one that expresses your gratitude towards them and to show how much you love and care for them.

10)  A bit of your precious time


Giving your time can be the perfect gift choice of all. Spend quality time with your grandparents. Sit and talk and reminisce. Help them clean the house or fix up their yard. Take a little time to cook for them and make sure they are eating properly. Offer to take them to a doctor’s appointment. Many elderly people are lonely and seldom touched. A helping hand, a kiss on the cheek, a cordial hug could mean more than any gadget you buy at the store.

9)  A family tree scrapbook


Grandparents love to see their family together and relish while recalling their time spent with all of them. Include photographs of all members, indulged in their momentous activities and make a collage. Begin with your grandparents at the top and then slowly descend to the youngest member of your family, illustrating it as a family tree. Gift this scrapbook to them and they are surely to feel blissful and on cloud nine.

8)  A holiday trip


If your family is scattered, one thoughtful gift could be to organize a tour for your grandparents during holidays. Grandparents may be on fixed incomes, and when money is tight, there may not be extra money in the budget for travel. Send round-trip plane or train tickets before the holidays. They will feel very contented to get a chance to be with their family members and will feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the tour.

7)  An album of old melodies


If you have your grandparents in their 60’s, you might consider a CD collection with all time old classics, which will make them rejoice and recollect their youthful times. This collection should include their favorites and some of the best of the best ever played on radio, and you might find that you enjoy them as well while listening along with them. Sometimes when words fail, music speaks. Every time they will listen to these songs, they will love you even more.

6)  Get them on Skype or arrange a video chat


Internet helps shorten the distance between us and our older relations. And if grandparents are willing to meet their children half-way, communications will be more frequent and pleasant. A Skype call where you can see the caller far surpasses a phone call where you are talking to a receiver. They will be very pleased watching and talking to you online. And a quick text — “How’d you do in that mathematics test you were worried about?” –  will bring Grandma more close into your life.

5)  Garden tools


If your Grandparents like to spend time gardening, then consider getting them some new gardening tools.  The gardening supplies for an indoor or outdoor garden will help them keep up their interests and they would also feel recharged. Include seeds, small garden tools, clay pots, soil, gardening gloves, and a book on gardening. After all, nature is a man’s best friend and a beautiful garden provides one of the best places to relax.

4)  Clothing


Yes, you can gift clothes to your grandpa and grandma. But first you must know what they need and what they like. Do they require sweaters, blankets etc.? Gift them a fully, revolutionized wardrobe of their choice. They will feel good and invigorated in their brand new clothes. You can also gift them personalized (your photos printed) clothes. They will always remind your grandpa and grandma that you are there to care and love them and will make them feel blessed.

3)  A book of large print puzzles


If your grandparents love crossword puzzles and brain teasers but hate wearing reading glasses, this may be just the right thing for them. It will offer them a great pastime. One or more large print crossword puzzle books will give them hours of enjoyment and pleasure without the hassles of glasses or magnifiers. And games like puzzles can help keep their mind sharp and active, too.

2)  Throw a party


What grandparents do not get is to party, drink and have a great time with their close friends? Plan a party, and invite the family and their friends. You can have it at your house or at some restaurant. Make some decorations, send invitations and make a cake. Prepare their favorite recipes in their way and give them a treat. If you want, you can make it a surprise one, which many grandparents love. Sometimes, these gatherings offer a great way to fulfill long felt desires and eliminate boredom from our lives.

1)  A utility box


Gift your grandparents a “Multipurpose Utility Box”. Discover what they really like to do, whether it is a hobby or an outing. Get a paint can (at a craft supply store) and decorate the can. Fill the can with things that fit the theme of what the person likes to do. For instance – if they love going to the movies – include tickets to the theater, gift cards for getting food at the theater and also for dinner before or after the movie. A gift card to buy the DVD when it comes out! If they have a favorite craft, fill the can with tools and supplies for that craft. You could even offer them something different to try – fill a can with lotions, nail supplies, bath salts, bubble bath, etc for the grandmother for a “home spa” day. For the grandpa, how about a “Emergency Repair Kit” and fill the can with small containers of nuts, bolts, nails, and other household repair items. And what Grandpa wouldn’t love to have a bucket filled with his favorite car cleaning supplies! A nicely decorated can allows the can to be set out in the room so that the contents are always handy. You could also use a wooden box or any other style of item that has a closing lid. This will be a very creative gift and every time your grandparents use this box, they will miss you and feel fortunate to have a grandchild like you.

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