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Violence against women, poor healthcare and poverty are some of the main reasons which make some of the places the most dangerous. Especially if you are a woman, these places are much worse, because crime against women in these places is at peak. We all know that we have some very effective NGOs working round the world to save the rights of women, but in such places, even these fail against such crimes. The women travelling to these perilous countries should be extremely cautious and should have a good knowledge of the culture.

10. Mexico


It is a beautiful country and of course like any other nation, it also faces the same problems of women safety. The crime rate is high but still it is the safest city of Brazil. The drug mafias and dealers are main nuisance of the city. If you are a foreigner, be ready to get a lot of stares and comments in English and Spanish. It is known as cat calling in their local language. Mexican may be too straight forward and aggressive but it is their culture to be like that. You may just avoid them and have no eye contact with them. This usually does the trick. If you are in a bar, you will certainly be getting a lot of male advances. You must drink alcohol only with trusted friends and family as it is very easy to slip something into your drink. Mexico is like any other city in the world. Just use your common sense and you will be fine. If you feel uncomfortable at any point of time, then it is better to just leave.

9. Nigeria


Nigeria is quite a gender biased country. It is not at all safe for a young woman to visit this country alone. Domestic violence is very common in Nigeria. About 2/3rd of women say that they are a victim of domestic violence. The police of Nigeria are too corrupt to help them. The women are mostly beaten, raped and harassed mentally, sexually and psychologically by the male members of their family. The cases of domestic violence are often dismissed in courts, considering them as private matters of the family. Rape cases are generally not reported and are often settled financially out of court.

8. Columbia


Columbia is also not a very safe haven for women. Violence and aggressiveness are extremely common in the Columbian society. Even due to many laws made by their constitution, cases of domestic violence and sexual assault are increasing rapidly in Columbia. Most of the cases are not reported to the police officials. 41% of women between the age of 15 and 49 have been a victim of sexual violence by their husband or partner. 95% of domestic abuse is suffered in silence. Violence against internally displaced women is even higher. The tension and displacement from their homes has caused a deep influence on the lives of the people. Abortion is illegal in Columbia and is allowed only in the case of rape, but they still do occur illegally. Such abortions are done in unhealthy conditions without proper medical arrangements and is life threatening for the mother.

7. Yemen


Yemen is a beautiful geographical area but several tribes and organization have made it a potentially dangerous place. They are not happy with their government for succession. The condition is worse for the fact that Yemen has the largest number of arms readily available round the world. Frequent car bombs targeting military and political officials is very common though sometimes the terrorists also tourists. Due to the lack of western military and NGOs, the place is very risky for women, who have to face sexual assault and rape, which is very common. The western government and Yemini government are working in ally for women, but the condition is becoming worse every day.

6. Pakistan


Women’s freedom of speech, movement and choice is greatly dependent and restricted by the male members of her family. The females of Pakistan are considered as second hand beings and commodities of male. Domestic violence, rape, marital rape and honour killings are very common there. A woman cannot do anything without the permission of her father, brother or husband. The cases of honour killings are on a rise. They mostly occur when a women decides to marry a person of a different faith or without the consent of her family. The insensitivity of police and courts also leaves them vulnerable to crimes. The police officials do not take there complains seriously and often do not agree to register their FIR. When the case is impending in the court, the judge is often treats them with disrespect and inequality.

5. Sudan


Atrocities in the western Sudan are very famous. Some groups like Janjaweed murder people of other races freely, while some groups like Lord Resistance Army kill international aid workers. According to the stats from the charity ‘Save the children’, this place is the most dangerous for pregnant women. They are at great risk, requiring urgent medication, which is next to impossible in Sudan. Every year, nearly 5000 babies die within hours of their birth and in most cases also take live of mothers.

4. Afghanistan


Up to the early 1990s, the women of Afghanistan were teachers, poets, journalists, professors, etc. but since the rule of Taliban, their social rights had been violated to the extreme. There right to education had been nullified. Only 3% of the girls in Afghanistan have been able to receive primary education. They cannot leave their homes without the company of a male member of their family. Their movement had been severely limited and had put a strain on women leading families and widows. Poor health conditions had made pregnancy and child birth very dangerous for the women in Afghanistan. Young girls were reportedly forced to marry Taliban men and were abducted and raped by them during war.

3. Somalia


Somalia is said to be the original failed state of the world with lawlessness and civil war like state from 20 years in the country. The women of Somalia lead a miserable life. The biggest fear of them is to get pregnant. With no medical facilities and supplies, child birth often leads to death. Adding to this, the fear of getting shot or raped and the practice of female genital mutilation also add up to their problem. 95% of the girls between the age 4 to 15 are victim of FGM.

2. Iraq


Since America entered Iraq in 20
03, the situation of women there had not improved despite of being promised but had degraded. There was a time when the Iraqi women roamed around in the streets freely. They were professors, doctors, politicians, government officials but now their movement is strictly limited and are their human rights are violated. There are many women who have been put into jails for months and years and yet have not seen the face of any judge or court. The security personals have been reported to have tortured them, given electric shocks and raped them to make them forcefully confess various crimes.

1. Syria


Since the brutal war in Syria had raged from 2011, rape and sexual violence had become a disturbing feature of the country. 80% of the sexual violence in Syria is against women and 20% is against men. The females between the age group of 7 to 49 are victims of such violence. Strict Sharia laws had been imposed on women and they are forced to cover all parts of their body which attracts attention, failing which they are beaten mercilessly or executed. A woman in Syria was given 40 lashes for updating her photograph in a sleeveless blouse on Facebook. Rape is used in Syria as a tool of humiliation, revenge, control and intimidation throughout the civil war. The victims are left traumatized. Rape is used as a weapon in detention centres and daily rapes take place in front of other girls where they sit horrified waiting for their turn. People in Syria are fleeing from their homeland to neighbouring countries to escape the violence and sexual assaults.

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