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A relationship is the most beautiful part of one’s life. The most precious as well as the delicate part. A healthy relationship can give you strength and confidence for a lifetime. But a perfect relationship is not complete without sweet innocent fights and uneven sessions. They keep the love alive. But besides these there are some unsaid issues that can call for a serious argument. Every couple would have encountered some of these at one point of life.So, here we are with the top 10 common relationship issues in today’s time. Hope it helps you figure them out timely from now on.

10. Status conflicts


For any relationship to work out, both the man and the girl need to fall for each other’s personality. And for this factor to work out the lifestyles of the two must be a little similar. Love is blind. Which is so true, But for in today’s world people choose a partner who is either similar of their status or above that. A lifestyle is the basic stage of moral building which completely affects the thought process and thus the reactions in some predictable situations. So, if the thought processes would not match, one will not be able to match the other’s expectations and hence will lead to a conflict between the two.

9. Reputation


In most of the relationships seen in today’s time, show off is counted as a routine activity. People flaunt the fact of dating an amazing girl or a handsome boyfriend.  Rather than the feeling of being together, the feeling of being together at a high class party with expensive couture and a big car and a peppy check in is more valuable. If one of them has a carefree and complimentary attitude, it calls for an fight as this would affect the reputation of the other.

8. Flexibility argument


This very issue arises to the girls. Most men have do not allow their girls to wear short dresses and sleeveless tops. Some might say that for the sake of their girl’s protection and some privacy reasons, this is absolutely appreciable but the others who promote this due to their orthodox thinking and a narrow mind set are a big reason to cause a fight. Such kind of thinking of men is not only harmful for a relationship but also for our nation. A woman must have complete freedom of wearing whatever she feels beautiful in. This cannot be a question on her character and her intentions.

7. Time limits with friends


If two are a couple, this does not call for an all time lovey-dovey show. One can have his own life, friends, choices and interests. Loving someone along with your personal life is not a crime. In most cases, when one have a friend of opposite gender, and loves spending time with friends and to do wild old days fun and gossips, the partner always steps in with a little boundary specifications. Sometimes one is not able to give any time to their friends or even when they are together a feeling of discomfort might come across. A feeling of going away from your old free style life is another cause of conflicts.

6. Ambiguity and over possessiveness


Ambiguity in any relationship is sign of toggling trusts. A relationship can run through any hurdles of life if the two trust each other. And any feeling of doubt can create that trust to wobble. And if once one starts a up doubting the other person, it creates very awkward situations for the two of them. Unexpected questioning, unanswerable arguments and awkward silences can kill the impulse of a healthy relationship. Over possessiveness is also a major track to conflicts. It creates an unknown kind of pressure and an unpleasant feeling of being together. For any relationship to work a respect to one another’s life is a must.

So, ambiguity and over possessiveness calls at a high rate for an argument to take place.

5. Misunderstandings and mis-communication


Mis-communication is the root cause of misunderstandings between couples. Everyone is having a busy lifestyle today. Sometimes in the course of this busy life we do not say the important things we must say to each other. A lack of proper conversation between the two will lead to lack of understanding of one another’s state of mind and the circumstances one is going through. So these little misunderstandings can turn out be a big mountain of issues at some point.

4. Cheating


A relationship is no test, so why cheat. But in today’s time the world is a never satisfying place. This is time where the youth is never content with anything. And this counts in their partner also. They promise to be with each other forever and ever but after sometime and a varied amount of issues they try and get over it by meeting new people and getting involved with them. And not only this, for some, dating two people at a time is a style statement. They do it because their friends do it and they find it to be cool enough. And sometimes couples do it with each other’s content in order fulfil their needs and avoid the monotony in life. These are the situations where someone gets heartbroken. This kind of mistake is unforgivable but even if it is ignored once still it remains an issue between the two forever.  

3. Time issues


An important meeting, an urgent work, a lengthy assignment, a friend’s party, a special event, sports, interest fields and personal time after all this one is not left with much of the time or energy left to put into talking about the whole day or a sweeety-tweety talk. Every couple comes across such situations in their relationships. And in process of handling such situations with maturity one always panics, thinking that they might have lost their importance in their partner’s life and makes the situation even worse. Such conditions always lead to a heavy argument and an unhealthy phase of a relationship.

2. Domineering attitude


A person with a domineering attitude is very hard to handle. In any relationship only one person can hold this position but of the other is not capable of that level of patience, this will lead to serious issues. A person with a dominating personality always over shadows the other one’s thoughts and ideas and is rarely appreciative for the partner’s efforts. Such a person needs to be manipulated with immense love and care. But a dominating personality is very difficult to predict. They sometimes, not intentionally, but do hurt the feeling of their partner. So a person with domineering attitude can sometimes lead to very intense issues between the couple.

1. Insecurities


As they say “if you truly love someone, set them free, if they really belong with you  …they will come back”.

But it does not happen that way in reality. The most common issue between couples is insecurity. One fears loosing the other over other available guys or girls. The feeling of insecurity is a silent killer. You will never know of its presence and its drug would have poisoned you already. Mood swings, interrogative nature, asking for extra attention all these are the signs of insecurity. This feeling of insecurity will destroy the sweet relationship and that too with no clues.

Thus, insecurity is the most common relationship issue.

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