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Death is as sure for what which is born, as birth is for that which is death.Therefore grieve not for what is inevitable!

A famous saying in Bhagvad Geeta.

Lord Krishna! The one who played almost all the roles in his life, a child, a brother, a charioteer, a warrior, a disciple, a guru, a cowherd, a messenger and many more! Throughout his life, Krishna enacted many roles on this worldly stage. A person with a dainty and refreshing smile on his face is one of the most popular Hindu Gods in the Hindu mythology. His glory is unsurpassable. His story is a source of joy and inspiration for the people from all walks of life.

Lord Krishna , popularly known as Kanha or the flute player or the butter-robber is well known for his mischievous acts and his great teachings. Krishna is the one who played his whole life with a rejoice in victory and defeat. Great stories have been narrated in the Hindu mythology and his notorious childhood is very well reflected in every child.

Lord Krishna is crowned as the divine personification who reshaped the spiritual and temporal destiny of mankind.  Born in Mathura, the Hindu Lord has always been mesmerized and tales have been written by the famous writers and poets. His flirtatious behavior is all well known and his innocent face is very well applauded by the world.

To have a glimpse of the NATKHAT KANHA , lets get into the top 10 facts about him that the world knows.

10. Death


The curse of Gandhari served as the end of Lord Krishna, who cursed him that his kingdom shall perish by flood. Gandhari was a true devotee of Lord Vishnu and her curse had to serve as the ultimatum for Krishna. The Yadavs were killed by their own men and the kingdom eventually flooded away and engulfed. The elder brother Balram, vexed due to the disaster sat in meditation, but was taken away by Adisesha. Lord Krishna was killed by a hunter’s arrow which is believed to be a part of mysticism which destroyed Dwarka.

9. Mahabharata

9. Mahabharata

After Krishna killed Kansa, he became the king. In the epic Mahabharata tale, Krishna spoke memorable words on the essence of pure spiritual devotion. Krishna lived with Pandavas and Kauravas who ruled over Hastinapur for many years. When a war broke out between Pandavas and Kauravas, Krishna was sent to mediate, but failed. War became inevitable and Krishna joined the Pandavas and offered the Kauravas his army. He agreed himself as the charioteer of the great warrior Arjuna. Krishna played many roles and finally led the Pandavas to victory. He also revealed his vast personality and became an inspiration to others.

8. Kansa

8. Kansa

Kansa was Krishna’s maternal uncle who tried to kill him numerous times. He was the one who was endangered by Krishna and it was predicted that he would be killed by Krishna. Kansa was a cruel and very rigid king and he paid no attention to his subjects. Kansa killed all six children of Devaki. He was killed by Balram, Krishna’s elder brother and Krishna when they reached Mathura and freed their parents from the prison.

7. Childhood Victories

Childhood Victories

Krishna’s fight with Kansa was anti ceded by many other fights. The demon Putna was sent to kill Krishna when Kansa realized that the boy was alive. She was a body full of venom and her act of breast feeding was the sole aim to kill Krishna. But Lord Krishna sucked out the life from her and killed the devil. Later when Putna’s brother arrived, he killed the devil and saved the villagers. He was the one who saved the whole village by lifting Govardhan Mountain on his finger and gave shelter to the residents of Gokul. He also broke the pride of Indra.

6.Krishna and Radha

6.Krishna and Radha

Truly known as the divine couple of selfless love, the love of Krishna and Radha is well narrated by many poets and narrators. In India , women see their husbands as Krishna and men see their wives as beloved Radha. Radha was the foremost among the milkmaids of Vrindavan , as the incarnation of Lakshmi, the spouse of Lord Vishnu, and Krishna’s obvious favorite. Krishna’s love was truly universal while Radha had some jealousy with his flute, as it was the one always with him.

5.Childhood innocence

5.Childhood innocence

Krishna was bought up in a cowherd family and loved to play flute to entertain the other cowherds, the milkmaid and the cows. As a child, Krishna had immense love for her foster mother and their love is narrated in tales and stands as an example of pure love. Krishna also became famous for teasing the milkmaids for Vrindavan as well as Yashoda. He and his friends would steal milk and butter , hide the clothes of bathing girl, let the cows go free at milking time and even break the water pots that the milkmaid  carried on their heads. He wanted to teach his disciples that one should not be attracted and attached to matter and forms and only focus on it. He is the deity of humor and messenger of peace.



It has been mentioned in the granthas that birth of Krishna took place in the Rohini Nakshtra as the eight son of Vasudev and Devaki. He was born in the jail where his Kans Mama kept his mother as  a captive in the jail as it was predicted by sage Narada that he would be killed by his nephew. Krishna was saved and exchanged secretly for a cowherd’s daughter. He is believed to be the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu.It is said that when Krishna was born, the doors automatically opened and Yamuna river helped Vasudev to cross and reach Braj.

3. Leeladhar

3. Leeladhar

Well this title is omniscient in case of Krishna! He is renowned for his mischievous acts and his flirtatious nature with the Gopis. Krishna had only eight princely wives and rest wives were 16100 gopis . A famous story runs behind this massive number of love scenes. It is believed that the 16100 gopis were the prisoners of naraksura and it was the generosity and righteousness that the ladies were set free and taken back to the society with the blessings of Krishna and his courage. The ladies were so engrossed in him that they started worshiping him as their husband. The nuns are believed and depicted in tales as wearing  a ring as thei
r commitment to the Lord.

2.Teachings and Idealism

.Teachings and Idealism

Lord Krishna was epic teacher. His teachings are very well written and presented in Bhagvad Geeta , The holy book of Hindus. His lessons became a reason for the cherishment of Pandavas as they finally won the war. He taught people to detach themselves from the materialistic world and serve the humanity. During the battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna revealed to Arjuna, the essence of Bhakti Yoga, of love for God, which is true love. The materialistic world has no sense in this Bhakti Yoga and thus food, sex, desire etc play no prominent role in one’s life. When Arjuna was struck in a dilemma, it was Krishna who solved his awkward situation and thus , it is believed that a true teacher should be like Lord Krishna himself. He was the one who paid all his debts either be it of friendship with Sudama or his gurudakshina to Sage Sandipani. His love for Sudama , his childhood best friend is the one which will be appreciated in every generation.

1.Portrait of Lord Krishna among common people

Portrait of Lord Krishna among common people

Lord Krishna is always pictured as blue skinned with a peacock feather in his crown. He is the one who has always been narrated as smiling figure and travelling through all phases of life.  His yellow dhoti and his mesmerizing flute , they all add beauty to his portrait. The blue color signifies and symbolizes the endless sky, which shows that Lord is beyond our comprehension . Peacock feather stands as his responsibility towards the universe and all its people. The flute is his best companion and it demonstrated how melodiously he achieved every success.He is an epitome of melody and calmness with a dainty smile on his face. The posture of Lord Krishna is the symbol of being grounded and at the same time rising high in the sky. The flute is regarded as the true companion of Lord Krishna which has seven holes. These seven holes denote seven sins that a common man commits during his life and when one fights these seven sins, Lord Krishna flows through him and the person attains Moksha.



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