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Scratching your heads to chalk out a perfect plan for this fools’ day out?? Trying to eliminate the minute imperfection in your preparation for this year’s April fool’s day?? Then let your brains take a little rest and give your eyes a delight, just read.  From hiding toads under the cauldron to making toothpaste out of cream, April fool day has always been a day which reminds us we need to stop a little in our busy roads and laugh out for a while to make this life more beautiful.

Of course, you need some concrete plans to execute and that must be too funny that can leave a sadist on his back. Just remember thinking out of the box is not enough, just the correct timing and a little twist in the tale can bring smiles to a lot of loved ones.  A small prank this fool’s day might make smiling curves a little longer. There is also a chance of you being pulled out of the cupboard and dragged till making a fool of yourself. So, beware of the tiny details and enjoy this day with utmost laughter and ecstasy. And here’s a toast to this year’s most awaited happiest day: April fool day…

Here are some of the incredibly hilarious and carved out pranks for fool’s day:

10.Fooling around from the rise of the sun:

toothpaste with cream

Why wait for the day to start, when you can start the day with a bang. When we wake up in the morning, what is the first thing we do? Of course, we barge into the bathroom to have a brush and a nice bath. This is one of the ideal situations where you can make him run out of ideas.  Swap his toothpaste with face cream. Replace his clean towel with a towel spilled with black colour. Then you have nothing to do. Just wait and watch for the drama to roll out within minutes. This is the most simplest and effective pranks you can try on your besties or sibling.

9.Break the fast:

colored milk

There is always a notion to break the fast as soon as possible so as not to waste time. Henceforth it becomes a perfect time to set up your foot and fool around the people with your pranks. Just bring in the milk packet. Inject some food coloring agent into it and quietly keep that packet in the refrigerator. No one should notice you doing this. When someone gets up to grab that packet, it would be a delight to witness their expressions seeing the colored milk splurging out of the packet. Let alone having breakfast, they will be shocked and confused all at the same time. Be ready with your cameras to capture these moments.

8.Change language and icon settings:

change icons

If your friend is a computer freak and fooling him with virus won’t work, this trick might at least hassle him for some moment. Borrow his laptop for some time and change his language settings to a foreign language and change shift some icons to a different folder and then see the prank doing its work. He will be annoyed not getting his desired icons and a language completely out of his ken. Bask in the moment watching him try to dash the laptop in disgust.

7.What’s that in your apple?


For a tuty fruity prank, this one is a must to do prank for all ages. Get a few chocolate worms of different colours. Insert them inside the apple while everyone is busy around. Keep calm and let the person engrossed in enjoying the juicy apple. In the peak moment, shout “Hey, what’s that in your apple? “ This is bound to terrify him and make him throw the apple out of fear. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the scene and bring out the chocolate worms and relish them in front of him with a wicked grin on your face…

6.Born with horn:


Another small but hilarious prank you can play with your close friend is placing a horn beneath the seat of a sofa or chair. Invite him to have a sit over the trap. The moment he sits and the horn blows like hell. And the poor fellow is bound to pretend as if nothing happened. Still he laughs at the prank and plans out to have his revenge. Better watch out!

5.Hair dryer with powder:

hair dryer

Ever wondered how your friend’s black, shiny hair would look when they are frail and white?
You don’t have to wait too long to see it and laugh out loud. Just pour some baby powder inside her hair dryer. Let her blow dry her hair and whoosh!!! Her silky smooth black hair has transformed into white dry feathers. This will drive her into nuts and she might be at epitome of her rage. So be ready to cool down her with chocolates and loads of smiles.

4.Bottle with solid milk:

solid milk

How about shocking your sibling on the breakfast table? He is dying of hunger and what he sees…
The milk has frozen like solid and is denying coming out of the bottle. Pour some gelatine inside the milk bottle. And the liquid solidifies within no time.  He will try to find out what happened to the milk suddenly without being touched once. Let him investigate the matter and you laugh out with your successful accomplishment of your mere prank.

3.Modify the signs of washroom:

change the signs

This is the way old prank and is among the most successful ones. Just cut out a piece of paper and paste it on the sign of men’s toilet. This sign should look exactly like women’s toilet sign. And wait for your victim to give a grand entry to the men’s toilet and barging out of it with screams and shouts… For one moment, she will forget the reason for her being there. And this little prank will make you enjoy the scene till eternity.

2.Leave an apologizing note:


If you think that apologize someone can always be on a serious note, then it’s not completely true. It can culminate into a humorous prank. Pick a paper and write a note seeking apology for an accident which never happened. Paste it on a random car and hide behind the nearby bush. Wait for the owner to come and read it. It will drive him into nuts trying to find out scratch or dent on the car which in reality does not exist. After some time reveal the truth and find his lips bending into a smile.

1. Holla! You won an I pad:


What is your first reaction when you get to win a prize that too an I pad? The thrill and ecstatic feeling leaves you with no other thoughts than to grab your latest possession. Let me unveil the actual trick around here. Pack an eye pad inside a box and embellish with the wrap of original I pad box. Then parcel it to your victim’s door and closely look out for his drooled out yet smiling face.

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