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BIRTHDAYS… what fun! Really! I guess all of us are very crazy about this special day. In addition, we all want to make this a special day special by celebrating it uniquely. Here are some ways we can have fun on our birthdays. Hope you enjoy reading them all:

10. Visit to an orphanage or some needy people’s place

I know you all must be thinking what fun it can be celebrating your birthday at such a place. However, it is truly said happiness spread is happiness returned. Try spreading that happiness. You will be happy to realize the peace it gives. When you celebrate your birthday with small kids, the old people who do not have anybody to support him or her, you will feel special. You can even get games organized for them. Playing with them would be real fun. Trust me, you will enjoy being with them. If you wish, you can take few of your friends and family there and have merry time.

9. Farmhouse parties

You can enjoy your birthday at some  farmhouse or resort. The best way is call all your friends, book a farmhouse and have all the stuff you really wish. You can get music players and dancing floor installed there for the party bash. Snacks, dinner with mock tail can be fun. Then again, it would be wonderful if you have rain dance, pool games and many more to go for. If you wish, you can have some indoor games, basketball, volleyball and what not. You can organize a treasure hunt for your friends. In addition, you can have fun by asking people among-st you to sing, dance, act, mimic or display any kind of talent they possess.

8. Zombie tag party

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Zombie tag party can be fun. Usually human v/s zombie is a game of tag. Of all the players, one player is chosen to be the real zombie and he is supposed to find out all other humans, tag them and turn them into zombie. If the zombie is not able to do so, he starves to death and is out of the game. You can set time limits in which non- zombie players to be tagged. You can create the artificial haunted environment with dark background themes and the scary music played in the background. This is real fun for those who love thrill and suspense.

7. Movies

Movie is always a good option to go for. You can go and hang out with your friends for a movie. Buy the tickets of the movie you wish to see. Often budget is a barrier. You can ask your friends to pay for themselves rather bringing a gift. As a party, you can arrange for a great lunch or dinner later. Many people have home theaters these days, you can get the DVD of the movie and opt it as a good option. In this case, get popcorn’s and cold drinks that would add to the real movie time.

6. Sleepover party

Sleepover party or pajama party can be fun too. This party can be fun for both dolls and dudes. You can include your best friends to all the friends you know and love chilling with. Planning is the main essence of such parties. You can organize such parties at your home, or even tent in backyard. Get all the stuff ready beforehand; you would need for the party. You can watch scary movies, play board games, have food, and know about each other through silly questions. You can get a photographer to shoot all your fun or get clicked among yourself with your friends.

5. Pool party

Go for pool party, as it will give you good time with your friends with an enjoyable environment. Pool party itself gives you feel to enjoy and a very different environment as compared to our daily life. You can play various games in or near pool and enjoy the party to your fullest. Invite your friends because as no. of your friends will be increased the enjoyment will also increase. Keep the loud music in as music brings on the party mood and cheerful all to dance, have fun. Pool party gives you two advantages as the party will be rocking and after getting party over you can relax in water to charge you up again.

4. Concert

Go for the concert you always wished for. Arrange the passes and surprise your friends by inviting them for the lovely evening. Surprise them with the wonderful gift on your birthday, and see the reaction. Mostly teen people like musical rocking concerts which will rock their evening and such concert fever remain for long on people’s mind and will be remembered whole of their life’s. Arrange the passes as many as you can because as many friends you will have to join you more enjoyment will be there. It would be a nice, simple and lovely idea to celebrate your birthday with your friends. You can plan more celebrations after concert as it would only double the celebration with enjoyment.

3. Theme park

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Theme park is always popular to have fun. Whether it  be your friends or your family it’s a good place
to hang out on your birthday. You don’t have to think before going there as it will only give you enjoyable moments with your friends or family. The big slides and rocking rides which will make your day. You can also plan games their like treasure hunt as theme park gives you feel of being a sport and play the game. Theme park would be great option to enjoy and have fun.

2. Bonfire & Night Games

Plan for the bonfire and invite your friends for more fun with night games. Go for dancing, singing, board games and etc. It would be so wonderful to celebrate your birthday with your friends like this. Rocking birthday with rocking friends. Arrange a proper party outdoor with cake, music system and your friends in moonlight with bonfire. Believe me Rocking music with bonfire will make your birthday rocking and wonderful. Party with bonfire idea will add on stars in birthday celebration. It will make birthday more special and will give you good time with your friends and will be remembered forever.

1. Adventure trip

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Host an adventurous trip for your daredevil teen friends. It would be a great option to celebrate birthday like this as it would be totally different and adventurous. You can plan for Rock climbing, Whirl- ball court, Bumping jumping, Go-kart track or outdoor hiking trail or you can plan for wildlife sanctuaries. With the word “Wildlife sanctuaries”, the adventure automatically adds on as going in between the wild animals will always be adventurous and will double the excitement. By adopting this option you can play a sport as well as you will remember your birthday for decades with a totally different and unique experience. Go plan an adventurous trip this year and have lots of fun with your friends.

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