Top 10 Fun Games You Can Play When with Friends

Time spent with friends is the most memorable time of one’s life. When you are friends you can turn anything and everything into fun. A good company can make up for every moment of life. When you are with your friends then sitting around any corner or any area would not be offensive or preferably chosen. When you are with a great bunch of people around you, you can enjoy the time anyhow. How come anyone finds just a piece of paper lying on the ground funny but a hilarious friend can turn the moment into hysterical? If you are with your friends but today’s generation is busier with their cell phones, laptops, or tablets. They sit by each other’s side but are not into any conversation rather you could see each one of them busy texting someone else. Not only this, if a group of people are together also they might get struck with boredom and find nothing to talk. So to avoid these situations, we are here with top 10 fun games you could play when you are with friends to bond better and live better.

10. LAN gaming 


If you and your friends are getting board then nothing but you can start playing a LAN game. It could not be suggested as the best game to play when you are with your friends but is a nice option could swing on the mood. It could help you build a competitive spirit and can could hand a great confidence. But much of a LAN game dose could lead to computer game addictions, which is so not good.

9. UNO/ playing cards


Uno is a kind of playing cards. This is a game played with a particular set of rules. If played with real interest it could turn out into a complete mood swinger. This will even help in refreshing your mind if you are on a break out of work. Playing UNO could be a great fun with pals. Also playing cards is considered to be a great mind exercise as well. It will help you get into faster calculations and that too with fun.

8. Truth and Dare


Truth and dare is pretty interesting game. You can experiment this with your group of friends and see how it turns out to be. To play this simple game, you need worry about the locations or the equipments. Just spin a bottle (or you could use a pen or something pointing). Whom so ever the bottle points gets to chose from the two above stated options (as the name suggests) and the game starts.

7. Board games


Board games have always been a great choice. Board games are whole lot category of games. It consists of not just two of three options it a set of a lot of games. Say for example, you can play chess or scrabble. It is a great mind exercise to play chess. It reframes your mind and cultivates the thinking ability. Another option could be carom board. It is easily available everywhere and has always been a fun game.

6. Indoor games


Not only bowling, you have various other options liked pool, table tennis, air hockey, basketball  etc. these are the games that can make the four walls of a room happening. These games are often played when darkness or bad weather prevents people from going outdoors. But indoor games can be played with family as well as with friends both and hence account to fun. Various sports bars at great locations have been set up, where you can eat and drink and side by side play with your friends. Indoor games are now dressed up in western style and taken a comeback. It could be a great evening for you and your friends to out there, do some bowing, eat, talk, play and have fun.

5. Made up fun games


These could be really interesting at times. Say as for example, who can drink more glasses of water in a minute? Or who can jump higher or skipping completions etc. when you are with your friends you can think of anything any instance. These made up games are quite a fun activity. Not only this you can reframe the old school games with your own rules and can rebuild the fun with it. One must have a spirit to live and enjoy every moment.

4. Street games


Street games like tug of war, tic tac toe, stapu, ice water could be more fun at the age of 20+. It is a flashback of our childhood. Try and play these games more often because they not only refreshes your childhood memories but make you realize how fun things can be always. Such games have also been proved to be a great physical activity. So next time you are out with your friends, before the boredom strikes try and give the childhood days a chance and see the magic.

3. Dumb charades and antakshri


If you and your friends are sitting around a corner and are in a lazy bee mode to move around and play, you could give a shot to Bollywood this time. Dumb charades is a game where one person imitates the name of a movie to its team without uttering even a single word. This gives birth to various hysterical moments. And antakshri is as we all know is a one on one singing competition between two or more teams. Such games help build a team spirit and also turn up the mood in joy.

2. Relays and athletics


Such games are not only important for fun but also for health. These races events rejuvenate your mind and soul. It inculcates a sportsman spirit and these also play a very crucial rule in a person’s physical fitness. Physical fitness is a very important part of a better living. Athletics inculcate a spirit of participation in a person. It teaches whether you win or lose the event, you always win a day’s health for yourself. Such activities can also promote the body growth and shape up. An athlete also goes through a life lesson through its training, it gives him strength to see the upcoming hurdles and overcome them to reach their destination at any cost.

1. Outdoor sports


Outdoor games are the best utilization of time. Most commonly known outdoor games are soccer, cricket, hockey, football, rugby, volley ball, baseball etc.  They are considered to be the best physical activity one can perform. A field play can always help you make out great friends. Field games inculcate a great team spirit and are the best source of recreating oneself. Playing an field game can give you a peace of mind and help you channelize your emotions. Outdoor games promise one to rebuild his state of mind. It can lead one to a positive attitude and a better thought process. You can control your anger, sorrows or even a feeling of depression when you channelize all these energies into your game and go back home with a calm heart.



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