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Fear is an emotion that plunges you to endeavor to alter your thoughts or opinion towards a thing or context that earlier might seem entertaining or cock-a-hoop but then certainly scares the hell out of you. To think rationally while you are scared is quasi not to panic while dealing with a natural calamity . Undoubtedly when the emotion takes toll over you thereby making it irksome to combat the extent of abdominal lull surrounding you then it is time to face it rather being terrified.

10. Think of it as Protection


Fear is weapon to aware us of the forthcoming adverse situations. It is said one faces fear while the individual is about to do something he shouldn’t. When  you are thrown out of your comfort zone it is then you eye to eye with your fears and traumas.  All the practices out of our arena are always focused on not making us courageous or a situation handler , since the additional fear along with it is a signal  makes us rethink decision and to be careful and protected.  The fear tool aids us to combat the mind from taking wrong steps.

9. Acknowledge it


One can always and has always the choice to abnegate the thing or matters that concerns to emerging of the usual emotion of fear but it is the one  and not who withers away from it the herculean .  To fade the fear one needs to tackle it deal it so that the point of the existence of the irrational feeling ebbs away. At the end the options are no longer available and so does the solutions. Fight it because the one who laughs last laughs the best.

8. find the reason


To do so one needs to get into the roots and has to get the triggering switch of it. Sometimes the fear and the reality are ways apart at the first place which hence renders the definition  of the fear false. The history behind the fear is important to cut the clutches of the monster and determine the future attacks too. If one finds the source or emergence location of the emotion to be quite pestiferous then it is time to dissolve the cause. Since one doesn’t does so he is dilemma already without even taking any positive action .

7. Gain Control


It is not always that you are known to your fears and that is what makes it more terrified and horrible. Gaining control here explains the behavior of an individual when the fear is sensed. The situation can put one through drastic circumstances . This will gradually eradicate when one controls the heightened feelings and works upon dealing the scary part bit by bit. The worst case scenario will vanish each management so made to mismanagement but losing control would make the things even more horrendous.

6. Analyze the fear


Sometimes the visualizations one creates of the fear he encounters do help in preventing oneself of the torment so caused. Well, if one has fear from how the second person will react to his actions and thus is unable to confront him then one must not think of the scary future but instead should be positive and confident about the way he is going to handle the situation to make everything as needed. While paying attention to the fear including its cause and source to analyze the consequences will itself diminish the traits of the experience regarding how it feels to be scared of something.

5. Confront it


It wouldn’t always come out to b triumphant to confront and face our fears but one must always try to. Anxiety and curiosity are the sure shot outcomes when one tries to handle the face to face war with the fear. But these too help in being calm and composed as the satisfaction of fighting our fears itself is an achievement because of the courage and strength lend to us . There is no point of being weak for what we call as our fears since then only they embark to haunt us rather one should defy the emergence of any such feeling already.  Be ready always to welcome the worst or even the defeat only then one gains the self reliance built in oneself to stay in the land and conquer . Chasing the fear to hold a success over it shall not prove to be a better idea as the efforts in the same direction might be.

4.Make the fear  ecstatic to overcome


Let the fear come to you as an ecstasy and let it be more fun to you instead of a scary show.  Once you learn to extract fun out of the fear it won’t be any more a fact of difficulty for you to cope with it the very next time it messes with you. It all about showing hoe strongly can one withstand the scary part of the show . This lesson will vanish the fear to fear anymore and make an individual emerge victorious . Let the fear fascinate you , make it just like a child’s play . Once fear is encountered and now it is time to show leg and enjoy dealing with them . All pinks and roses would make the game boring instead so this time paucity of cherry would even make the cake taste much better then ever.

3. Talk  and share


Talking does  proves helpful  by wiping away the fear up to a considerable extent. It is like when things get shared their intensity to hurt us or make us feel low lessons. Failure comes with an additional fear package with it , might it happen that the fear to fail may worsen the conditions even worse and there comes the remedy to talk and let the fears to be poured out like the flowing river into the sea without any hesitation. More often people get their answers from the second person and this is no harm , after all it is you who gets benefited at the last.

2. Think of the outcomes


Establish milestones at every point when you overcome a fear . Introspect the desires of the situations out of the fears. The obvious outcome will point to the improper mood and that will further lead to frustration . While working towards your aspirations it is mandatory to be aware of the fears one will have to face in between the journey and thus should be concrete to handle them either as a whole or in parts. When we understand the fear half the work is done and it would become a lot easier to guess what we are actually planning to or a guess about the consequences.

1.Don’t change your mind


To make one’s mind free of past fears is the only way not to change mind regarding encountering the fear again. The sign not to walk away is what is heroic thereby leaving  no sign or trait of the pointers even . The road with no milestones is less traveled. Fear is always stressful also it is not necessary to be perfectionist in solving out our lacunae each time  rather when we take over the fear it is a time to blue ribbon ourselves and not  lose momentum.

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