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If there is a boy and a girl in a family, it’s not possible that the home remains a house of prayer. Shouting ,screaming and quarreling are expected in such a house. The best relationship one can ever see is the relationship of a brother and a sister. They eat together, play together, fight together and live the best part of their life together. They are the best friends in disguise at home who probably don’t want to accept this fact in the early stages of life. The one fight in which we can see love is the fight between a brother and sister. A brother may  take his sister’s doll in his childhood, but is always ready to give her the best he can once he is grown and a sister might not give him her share of chocolates, but she wants to involve his brother in every important decision of her life once she is grown up. So let’s see some of the interesting top ten reasons why brothers and sisters fight.



How did you touch my thing?  Is the most frequent question a brother and sister would ask to see some of their personal possessions in other siblings hands. A brother and sister would always fight with one another if they see their personal possession being attacked by the other. Toys are the special possession in childhood, which no brother or no sister would want to share. The personal possession may change from their toys to their bedrooms, but they don’t want it shared with their siblings. They might allow their friends or anyone else but they never entertain their siblings over their personal possession. Brothers and  sisters fight for their toys, clothes, laptops, bedrooms and what not. Parents beware the next time you give them something in common.



‘’ It’s sweeter when you share’’ is the rejected statement by most of the brothers and sisters. On the contrary a sister would probably say  ‘’ My chocolate might also become bitter if I share it with my brother’’. A brother may share his chocolate with his girlfriend, but never with her sister. A brother and sister would always fight for chocolates even if one of them have an ample amount of the same. The hardest thing one can ever do is to share happily your chocolate with your brother or your sister.



Even when you are not interested in a gift but if you happen to see your brother/sister going towards it you might suddenly start liking it and end up grabbing it. No matter if you do not get a gift but your sibling should also not get it. That’s the key rule. Brothers and sisters apply: gifts for myself or keep it on the bookshelf.

7. FOOD:


Food is  a key cause for all the fights. If your mumy is making dishes that is not your choice, but of your siblings, if the other sibling gets more amount of it and if your siblings  grabs a bite of your plate, especially when it is your favorite then you definitely have a valid reason for your fight. Brothers and sisters definitely decrease the choices of a mother by giving them plenty of other demands that they have in mind. It’s undoubtedly the best supper when you don’t fight over food. Oops, it may be the other way round too. Your belly may be satisfied only after having a good fight.



Even if it is not a cheating in a game a brother and a sister would never want his/her sibling to win so cheating is quite a good blame to put on the other. But if it is a clear cheating who would agree that it’s a cheating. Surely not the person who has cheated. Terrible fights happen because of this blame of cheating, but sometimes it ends having a good laughter about one’s own stupid behavior.



“I am mom’s favorite child’’ is one discussion which we  all have had during our childhood. If not you are too good to be a child. You may or may not have done anything to earn mom’s affection, but you would always want to be in the no. 1 position of mom’s favorite list. The reason may not be to become a good son or a good daughter, but to be better than your sibling.



Sometimes you fight because you just want to fight. You bombard your siblings with words like you donkey, monkey, dog or any name that you remember. You tell them just because you want to talk to them without having a proper reason. Also when you feel a bit low and want to take out your frustration you always vomit it out on your siblings. Deep down inside you love to fight with them because you get pleasure in teasing your sibling. If you get no other friend to best your sibling is the only best option where you know who will always welcome you with arms open to fight back.



That’s called Revenge. A brother and sister would never miss a chance to take revenge. ‘’ You have done this to me now here you go, I’ll screw you up for what you did’’ that is what we call an eye for an eye. If you know you have done something wrong to your brother or your sister and you are thinking that he/ she must have forgotten it, you are goi
ng wrong a big time because your sibling will never forget what you did to him/ her. The revenge will always have an upper hand over what you did. No matter big or small brother and sister will always find ways to tease each other.



How can studies be a reason for a siblings fight? Then consider another question. What if your brother and sister gets marks that are better than you. Definitely your collar is in danger. So to save yourself you will not want your sibling to get good marks that shoots far above then what you have got. So yes, studies are an important reason why a brother and sister fight. A brother and sister can fight even for a reason that’s too small to begin a fight on. Also in case you are not in a mood to study and your sibling is studying your parents would want you to do the same, so in order to get out of that situation you will distract your sibling as many a time’s as you can.



When given the option of choosing from two things you will always want to save the better option for yourself. If in the choice of clothes or a car or any other thing. An option as small as an eraser or as big as a car you will always want to grab it first. After getting the option there is nothing more satisfying than the smile you have by seeing your sibling looking at you in anger. There is an immense pleasure you get when you see your sibling loosing as per the aim you had.

The fight between a brother and sister is unending. But the best part is when they know, when they really know the beauty of the relationship they are having. You can see love even when you cannot really see it.



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