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Every body wants to sport a good smile . Ever seen a person trying to cover his mouth while speaking  or  laughing ? That’s because of lack of a proper oral hygiene .Oral hygiene is a practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean , to prevent dental problems most commonly – cavities, gingivitis , bad breath . Severe gum diseases could cause loss of adult teeth. Oral care can keep your teeth strong and free from dental problems . Also , it is cheaper and less painful than treating dental problems once they develop.So most of them are preventable. Bad oral health can keep you away from speech , chewing , self esteem and overall health .

Did you Know that Tooth decay is the most common global disease ? Recent clinical studies also suggest that oral disease and gum inflammation can be potential risk factor for serious diseases like – cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke ) , diabetes , osteoporosis , bacterial pneumonia , low birth weight / extreme high birth weight . So it is a better to have healthy and fresh mouth care-taking habits like :

10. Gargle : Before and after you eat


It would prevent a bad odor( disease called Halitosis) . You can even use hot water . Tilt the head backwards and expel air from the lungs – which causes bubbles to be formed. Dead cells from the dorsal area of the tongue , bacteria acting on minute food particles still left in between teeth cause a bad odor , yellowing of teeth etc . Oral bacteria impacts general well being . Gargle freshens the mouth .So gargling and tongue cleaning is a good idea .

9. Brush your teeth twice a day :


80% of cavities occur in pits and fissures of chewing surfaces where brush cannot reach . saliva cannot reach it , and neutralize the acids causing cavities and remineralise the demineralised teeth unlike the areas reachable by brush .  Use a fluoride tooth paste which can in the remineralisation of the tooth. Use a soft brush : to prevent enamel from eroding . Ayurveda has long suggested teeth cleaning twigs like Neem to protect the teeth from germs .Muslim world suggested the use of miswak (root). Plaque is a bacteria which converts carbohydrates present in food into acidic content called tartar which accumulates at the root of the teeth and causes cavities. Also inflammates the gums and makes them so tender as to bleed .  So brushing twice a day is a must . Make it a point to replace your brush once in every 3 months . Most of the oral problems are caused worldwide because of not brushing properly.There is a technique even while brushing , brush must be placed at an angle of 45degrees to the gumline and then roll and sweep the brush .Both outside and and inside of chewing surfaces must be brushed .Gently brush the tongue to remove the bacteria present on it.


8. Dental checkup once in a month:


Dental sealants help in the sealing of grooves and fissures of chewing surfaces of back teeth . And prevent food from trapping in the gaps .Thus halt decaying process .Dentists prefer professional cleaning of teeth twice a year , followed by tooth scaling , polishing , debridement and fluoride treatment.Ask your dentist for specific oral hygiene instructions to make sure you’re using each of your oral hygiene products correctly. Your dentist or hygienist will tailor your oral hygiene instructions and techniques to include any areas of your mouth that may require extra attention.

 7. Restaurant Foods


Ever got caught by your wife/mom ,while eating panipuri , chat on road side stalls ? Well if you are an Indian , you would connect . Well for people eating regularly outside – be it road side or restaurants . Once in a while is OK . But you don’t have to be a daily customer . After all , there is no guarantee that it is cooked on the same day . Home cooked food is the best food . Do not eat tooth staining foods like restaurant food . They contain high contents of vinegar , asephotidia. Do not eat too much of acidic foods like lemon / involving citric acid .It would decay your teeth .



Do not take too much of coffee , and if it is a black coffee much more to worry . If you cant evade the habit of having beverages take green tea instead. Or drink fresh water after having coffee . This could Help a bit.Eat lots of strawberries, apples and kiwis which act as stain removing agents .

5. Salt :


Once in a while massage your gums and teeth with salt . Mouth rinse with salt water to gargle . Floridated solutions , antiseptic chloro hexidine glocatone could also be used .Salt kills the oral bacteria in the mouth by dehydrating it in the mouth .Protects both from gingivitis(gum disease) and Halitosis (bad breath) . Also eases the pain from teeth pull or mouth sore like a canker .

4.Biological Cycle:


Do not eat after a particular time say 11 o’clock . After you brush your teeth no more food .Even if you feel like drinking water , ensure that it is after half an hour of brushing. EVEN if u feel like eating , drinking coffee in the middle of the night . Do not . It not only upsets your teeth . But also affects your biological cycle . Floss your teeth with an 18’’ floss  before going to sleep , gently follow the curves of your teeth and below the gumline. This will prevent plaque and help in whitening of your teeth.

3. Milk


Drink milk twice a day.We all know milk is rich source of calcium. It also contains nutrients like iodine,potassium,phosphorous and ,proteins and  vitamins B 2 , B 12. These are very helpful for bone and tooth density.Calcium requirements change at every stage of life. Teenage( particularly 11-18) kids need more calcium content. Pregnant ladies
, girls need more calcium dosage because of their hectic life and internal nature . Do not give skimmed or semi-skimmed milk to children .They need whole milk whose calorie content is around 68 per 100 ml (1/2 glass). You could even have milk in custard , pudding , healthy fruit smoothie etc.

2. Say No to Sticky Foods :


DO not eat too many chocolates . Chocolates off late reduce bone density. Once in a while is OK.

Do not eat too many chewing gums & gummy bears / Wine gums and toffees which have higher stickiness index and so are harmful to the teeth . AS Too much of anything is too bad .  Eating a balanced diet and avoiding too many snacks like potato chips , french fries .Crunchy and oily potato chips affect you gums and teeth . Sugar free chewing gums containing Xylitol is little better . Smoking , chewing tobacco is strictly prohibited if you care for your teeth .  Sweets get stuck in tooth gaps and the saliva cannot neutralize the entire sugar content .This again leads to gingivitis. So , avoid eating too many sweets .

Do not bite hard nuts , sugar cane with your teeth as shown in ads . As it hurts your gums .

1.Food :


Bread and cereals are good for gum tissue .They contain vitamin B . Fruits like grapes which contain vitamin C are also good for healthy gums . Meat , fish and poultry provide Magnesium and Zinc for teeth . Eggs , beef , chicken, Turkey contain phosphorous which along with calcium is good for teeth and bone . Eat food containing vitamin A such as broccoli, pumpkins , carrots , sweet potato  which enhance enamel formation. Onions are a good source of anti bacterial sulphur compounds which kill the bacteria.So , have a balanced anti-cavity diet .



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