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In today’s world, a wife takes such good care of both household as well as official work so, doesn’t she deserve a few beautiful moments in life, exclusive surprises and big grand gifts just to remind her importance in your life? Give her a gift that makes her feel loved. Don’t forget to add a personalized note with your gift.

A woman takes hours to shop even for a handkerchief just to find the apt design she thought of in her mind. So, how do you think are you going to find that exclusive and appropriate gift for your wife? Are you tired of buying her teddy bears, chocolates, cards and photo collages? Here, we have the 10 awesome gifts for your wife. If it is your anniversary, her birthday or even Valentine’s Day all the listed things will be an ideal present for your wife.

10. Make-up k


Nowadays, it’s important for a woman to look flawless in a wedding or even for daily office going. So, buying a make-up kit is a perfect gift for your wife. Every woman is beauty conscious and would love to obtain things which enhance their beauty.  It should consist of eye primer, foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and lip primer. It would have various colour shades and brushes to apply the make-up. The best brands for make-up kits are Maybelline, Revlon, Sephora, Cover Girl and Clinique. Make sure that the kit could be utilized for daily use as well as for weddings and parties. This kit will surely bring a smile to your princess’s face.


9. Shoes


As it is said by Coco Chanel, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”. A stylish pair of shoes always helps to stand out in a crowd for a woman. The various types of shoes are: Ballerinas, boots, wedges, flats and stilettoes. Go for the type of shoes which would be comfortable and also create a style statement. Always buy the right shoes keeping in mind where she would be wearing those shoes and it matches her personality and her clothes. The best brands for shoes are Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, Aldo, Zara and Louis Vuitton. This is a gift which would be preserved by any woman.

8. A candle-light dinner


Take a break from your busy life and take your wife out for a dinner. This is one gift which would be cherished by your wife for a lifetime. Always choose a restaurant with a peaceful ambiance and a beautiful location. Transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary memory. Don’t forget to buy a bunch of fresh flowers. Make sure that the decor and the menu are according to the partner’s choice. Give her a surprise and make the evening special.

7. Bags


Women love to have a collection of bags. Gifting a bag is always one of the best options. The various bags are: shoulder bags and handheld bags look good for professional outings whereas, clutches can be used for parties and tote bags, messenger bags and backpacks are beneficial for a casual look and also for vacations. Always buy a bag which is unique and attractive. If your partner is a thin and tall person then buy a big bag not with a short strap. Buy a large size bag for a shorter woman and avoid long straps. For a plus size woman, choose a large structured bag but it should not be too small. Go for colours like brown and black, if you are buying it for daily use whereas, if you are buying it for rare occasions you can experiment but don’t buy too bright colour bags. The exclusive brands with the finest handbags are Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes and Michael Kors. Shoes and bags are among the most shopped goods by women. These stuffs are assets for a woman.

6. Gadgets


Is your partner a tech savvy? Is collecting the latest gadget her favorite hobby? Then, go ahead and buy her the latest gadgets. The recent tablets available in the market are I-Phone 5c, Google Nexus 7 and I-Pad Air. There are more options like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and even Samsung S4. Gadgets can be an absolute and a beneficial gift. Even if your partner is a music lover I-pod or a MP3 player can be gifted. If your wife loves to cook, then you can also go for kitchen gadgets that make her life easier. Do check all the features before getting a gadget, go for a trusted brand and buy the best out of the lot.

5. Perfume


A woman loves the freshness and fragrance of a perfume and chooses the best. Fragrances fall into one of these family groups: floral, woody, spicy or fresh.

Make sure that you already know which perfume your partner prefers and try to get her the same one or from the same family. Women prefer using light scent for the daytime and a bit stronger for evenings.

Some of the perfume brands are Versace, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Armani, Gucci and Dior. Women choose perfumes which suits their personality and their style. Women always prefer to smell good as they like to wear the perfect clothes.

4. Holiday package


In a stressful life, it is important to take a few days off from the regular life and make your life interesting by going for a holiday and relive the old happy days. A holiday package is an amazing gift. Holidays could be for 4 to 5 days or may be for a weekend. You can also plan to go back to t
hose places which have your old memories connected to them. Choose a relaxing place with a great location. Do carry along a camera to capture those precious moments.

3. Beauty package


A beauty basket consists of scrubs, body lotions, shower gels, bath soaps and body polish. A beauty kit will consist of almost all the daily toiletries required by a woman. The brands which provide some of the best natural products are body shop and forest essentials. Staying beautiful and sustaining a healthy skin is of utmost importance for a woman. Beauty package are always a perfect gift and always useful.

2. Spa treatment


Every woman loves to be pampered and getting gifted a spa package, life can’t get better for her. Gifting your wife a spa package is one of the best ideas which can never go wrong. It consists of body massage, facials, scrubs and many more. There are many packages available, choose the right one and gift it. A spa treatment completely rejuvenates both mind and body. So, book the best possible spa and give her a reason to celebrate life.

1. Diamond solitaire


Diamonds are always said to be a girl’s best friend. Buying a solitaire for your wife will remain a lifetime memory. For a woman, diamonds are the best gifts which can ever be gifted. Always choose a unique design and do learn about the different shapes, sizes and types of diamonds before getting it for her. The clarity, cut, carat and cut of the diamond must be well-finished and flawless. The most popular shape bought by women is round. A heart-shaped solitaire is also an impressive option. Solitaires are not only rings but it is a stone which can be fitted into a necklace or even earrings. Diamonds are forever and so is your relationship, treasure it.



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