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Mobile lifting gantry systems are used in various applications across multiple industries and are widely known for their versatility. Like all other lifting equipment, gantry systems require you to adhere to certain procedural guidelines to ensure operational safety. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry and stick to the safety norms religiously. At the time of product delivery, manufacturers usually provide copies of guidelines pertaining to the safe use of the equipment at the time of product delivery. Before using the equipment such as a mobile gantry, you should go through the guidelines provided by the manufacturer thoroughly to acquaint yourself with the operational ways of the equipment and also about what all safety measures one should take while using it. To help you avoid major mistakes taht can lead to accidents, we have enlisted a few helpful points below.




  • Always test the condition of your mobile gantry before using it. There are certain warning signals that you may look for while inspecting the condition of your gantry such as faulty brakes or dysfunctional parking jacks, the deposition of debris on the runway, cracked welds, and loosened bolts, etc. Watch out for such red flags to keep yourself safe.


  • Prevent tripping or falling down by ensuring that the group on which you will be using the gantry is even.



  • Make sure that the load is stable. Conduct an appropriate test to ensure that.



  • Make sure that the gantry is placed directly over the load that needs to be lifted so that it can work smoothly.



  • Before you initiate the lifting process, you need to make sure that the brakes and wheel locks are properly locked to avoid any accidents.





  • Do not move an excessively loaded gantry as it can cause an imbalance.


  • Do not allow the load to swing. The gantry needs to be sturdy to avoid any fall-offs.


  • Be careful enough to not tug a gantry with a vehicle.


  • Do not walk under a loaded gantry. Nothing can be dumber than doing this. You never know what might go wrong while using a mechanical equipment. You should therefore, be extra cautious while using one.


  • Do not support any other object against the gantry.


If you make an attempt at lifting a loaded gantry or make an unwise attempt to swing, you may end up offsetting the centre of gravity which may lead to tripping or falling down. Be careful to mot do that and save your load from falling and getting damaged. The stability of the load facilitates a safe lifting operation. Regular maintenance is the major determinant of equipment performance and safety and you should take every measure possible to give your gantry the attention it needs to maintain it and keep it safe to use. Get your gantry inspected annually by a qualified body to make sure that everything is right and is working properly. After every inspection, you are likely to receive a certificate declaring the inspection.



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