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Almost every workplace is at risk of fire. Fire at a workplace can be devastating as it not only causes loss of millions in property damage but also results in the loss of many lives. Considering the high percentage of fire cases at workplaces, it has become necessary for businesses to comply with fire legislation, as well as identify any potential fire hazards.

Quite obviously, the risk of fire is more likely at places that store or handle flammable chemicals or combustible materials, but this doesn’t mean offices and other lower risk environments are safe from the risk of fire. Fire in an office can start due to many reasons which make it a real concern for business owners. There are several factors that can ignite a fire, as well as various things that you can do to prevent a fire from breaking out.

Fire safety and emergency procedures in the workplace are vital. Even, it’s mandatory for every business to get a Fire Risk Assessment done. The businesses need to get a fire safety certificate which ensures that the premises comply with Fire Regulations.

As you know prevention is always better than cure, it makes sense to identify potential fire hazards in your workplace and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce the risk of a fire or explosion. So, to help you prevent a fire disaster in the future, here are some useful tips to prevent fire at the workplace.


Install Smoke and Heat Detectors

One of the best ways to get alert before fire spread and cause destruction is by installing heat and smoke detectors. These heat and smoke detectors are a must for places like the kitchen and other vulnerable areas that may catch fire easily. Remember, just installing smoke and fire detection alarms throughout the office is not sufficient. You need to check the fire alarm regularly to make sure they’re in proper working order.

Put in Fire Extinguishers

The workplace should always have fire extinguishers all around the building. It is crucial to locate fire extinguishers at accessible areas and close to potential fire risk areas, at exit doors and stairways. Just like the fire alarms, you need to keep checking fire extinguishers also to make sure they are in proper shape.

Never Overload Power Sockets

Almost every workplace requires numerous plug sockets for electrical devices like computers, TV, internet cables, and adaptors. The main cause behind the electrical fire is overloading power sockets or using faulty extension leads. So, to avoid this, it’s crucial to use only one plug in each electrical socket. In addition to this, it’s a good practice to have appliances PAT tested to identify the hidden defects within the electronics or wiring of an appliance. To have an extra layer of protection, you can call a professional fire safety expert to check all the electrical appliances and to ensure that there are no fire hazards.

Keep Fire Exits Clear

It’s seen that in most workplace fire exits are used for storing various items because this area is seldom used. This can be a very risky practice because, in an event of fire outbreak, employees need to leave the building as early as possible and even a slightest delay could make a big difference. In addition to this, emergency phone numbers and other necessary info must be provided to all employees for such situations.

Store Combustible Material Safely

Make sure you store flammable material cautiously and practice proper housekeeping. Disposable paper, cardboard, and other combustible material can fuel a fire quickly, so it’s crucial to dispose of them properly. Moreover, for using and storing chemical materials make sure to choose a properly ventilated area.

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