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The winter months can sometimes disturb our sense of well-being and spoil our mood. The shortage of sunlight can trigger sadness and can even lead to seasonal affective disorder. To avoid such effects, it is crucial to make the living room cozier. It is because your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time. So, it should be made in such a way that it feels more welcoming and energy efficient.


Want to know how to make your room comfier and cozy place in winters? Then have a look at the following cost-effective ideas.


#1. Use Curtains – The best way to make the room cozier is by adding curtains. Moreover, they can help in saving your money on energy bills as they do a great job of tracking heat during winter months. However, if your bedroom has radiators, then avoid floor-length curtains; otherwise, heat can rise behind them, and be lost.


#2. Use Indoor Plants – Plants such as gerbera daisies and golden pothos are really beneficial as they increase humidity levels and reduce household dust. When they release the moisture of leaves into the room, that moist air holds in heat. Moreover, a thermostat can be set a bit lower as plants can make the air humid and nice.


#3. Use A Throw Blanket – Keep a folded throw blanket at a place in your room where you enjoy sitting the most. It will make you feel snugger and comfortable on a cold winter day. Moreover, choosing a blanket that matches the interior decor of your room will make it more welcoming.


#4. Replace your old bulbs with energy efficient LEDs – It is one of the most reliable ways to improve the energy efficiency of your room. These days LEDs are manufactured in such a way that they consume less amount of electricity. Thus, they help in lessening the burden of electricity bills on your pocket to a great extent.


#5. Use energy-efficient fireplaces – Fireplaces can be energy-efficient and cozy. Chimney pillows can limit the amount of entering draughts and heat loss. A DIY heaped wood fireplace can contribute by adding a cozy ambience.


#6. Paint room with warm colors – Warm colors such as orange, red and yellow can boost the mood of the room and can make your room warmer.


#7. Keep draperies and furniture away from heating registers – By doing this, air-circulation will be maximized.


#8. Replace old windows of your room – If you have old windows at your place, then they might not be energy efficient. The heat accumulated in your bedroom may escape from the spaces in worn-out windows. So, it is a good idea to replace old windows.


Modern windows are designed in such a way that they maximize your energy conservation and ensure that the treated air stays inside the home. Moreover, they save a considerable amount on your energy bills.



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