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Tips to Maintain Your Interior and Exterior Doors – ListDen

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Apart from the daily maintenance of your house, it is also advisable for you to regularly look after your doors too, so as to prolong their durability and look. Over time, this will also contribute towards elongating their functionality and minimizing your repair costs. Although the preservation of doors seems to be an intimidating task, it is quite the contrary in actuality.

Following are a list of guidelines to help you comprehend the task of maintenance of the doors of your house.


  1. Inspect the Characteristics

Before you initiate the task of cleaning your doors, make sure that you thoroughly examine and assess the stain or the paint that covers the door. Besides, the material of your door (the type of wood, for instance) is also a crucial determinant of the manner in which you are supposed to maintain it. Before you start cleaning the entirety of the door, apply a minor amount of the diluted cleaning solution on a small area to eliminate any apprehension regarding a negative reaction. For wooden doors, using a wax or a polish formula is recommended.


2. The Associated Hardware

Your door is surely accessorized with various kinds of hardware, such as hinges, knobs, latches, and faceplates. Keep an eye out for these objects when you are undertaking the cleaning of your doors. Most commonly, some screws for the hinges or the latches might loosen over time, and you can easily counter this problem by tightening it with a screwdriver. For the doors that are prone to withstanding outside, harsher climate, like too much exposure to sunlight, or more salt and humidity, the hardware wears out rather quickly. In most cases, you can clean them with a mild detergent and water. If you happen to have brass hardware, you might consider using a non abrasive wax to screen it from the environmental elements and refurbish its luster. Do not forget to lubricate the hinges every once in a while.


3. More Attention to Your Front Doors

It is necessary for you to check the working conditions of your front doors more frequently than the others, both for security reasons and for reasons of functionality. If there happens to be a glass panel on your front door, it can be cleaned with the help of a feather duster, or a clean, soft cloth. The exterior part of the front door is liable to be exposed to greater amount of dust and sunlight. Always wipe off wooden doors with paper towels to ensure minimal infiltration of moisture into the wood. If you find any scratches on the wooden surface, you might consider using a sandpaper to buff it away.


4. Weather Stripping

This is imperative for any unnecessary air leaks around the entry doors, not to mention that it is quite useful in securing the edges of your door. You can test the condition of your weather stripping by running your hands along the bottom and the sides of your door. If you feel a draft somewhere, you might want to replace the stripping.


With these steps in mind, you can ensure a prolonged serviceability of your interior and exterior doors. If you are on the lookout for a new entrance door, or if you are looking to replace your existing door for a better model, you might want to consider Windtek Windows & Doors Ltd. (serving in the Woodbridge, Kitchener, Vaughan, Waterloo, Cambridge areas) for an exhaustive list of options to cater to all your requirements.

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