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In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”— Aaron Rose


The photographers understand the importance of light because they depend upon its various shades to capture breathtaking scenes. Children are fascinated by the light and sound shows that seize their attention and transport them to a unique luminescent world. In literature, light has been repeatedly used as a metaphor for hope, new day and happiness. One cannot imagine a world without light. It would be too dark to even picture it. Sunlight is the indispensable source of natural light and it would have been phenomenal if one could store this light in containers to lighten up one’s houses and stores. But, as that cannot be done, one can use artificial lighting to create refreshing and revitalising ambience. If you are a retail store owner, lighting up your store in the right manner can enhance the shopping experience of your customers. Here are a few tips that you can follow to redefine your store:


Let the light speak for itself

You can convey a lot by selecting appropriate lighting for your store. Lights can have a good amount of emotional impact on your customers so keep your customers in mind while choosing the lights. Think about the atmosphere you wish to create for your store. For instance, if you want to make your customers feel comfortable and relaxed, choose warm and soft lighting. On the other hand, if you wish to enhance the visibility of your products, bright lights would be the suitable option. You need to have a proper lighting strategy to maximise the visual impact. Using soft lights in the walkways while highlighting the shelves with spotlights can be another way to attract your customers.


Get an idea about the different types of retail lightings

As light affects the moods of your customers, guides them to the key areas of your store and helps in creating an image of your store in their minds, it is vital that you know how to combine the different types of lighting techniques to brighten up your store. There are four types of lighting techniques:


General/Ambient Lighting—This is the main source of light in your store. It is the light that is already there in your store before any additional lights are added. This light plays an important role in setting the ambience for your store.


Accent Lighting— The purpose of this kind of lighting is to foreground specific areas, products and displays. This type of lighting helps in drawing the attention of the customers towards certain products and areas in your store.


Task Lighting— Task lighting provides increased light for specific tasks in a space which might already have some ambient light. Such lighting is used in changing rooms, service desks, etc.

Decorative lighting— This type of lighting uses fixtures with a certain aesthetic such as chandeliers, false ceiling lights, etc.


Visit a good lighting store to select the perfect combination of lights for your store.

If you are on a tight budget, focus on the lighting techniques that can make your store stand out. Also, you can use dimmer switches and energy-efficient bulbs to save more in the long run.


Cleaning is important

In order to experience the full impact of the lighting techniques you have used in your store, you need to make sure that the lighting fixtures are cleaned regularly. Light cannot work its magic if it remains buried under the veil of dust.



So, give your store a new look and let there be light!



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