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Poor air quality inside the home can have a negative impact on your health as well as on your mood. The quality of air inside the house can degrade because of several factors such as poor building material, pollution from outside as well as emissions from heating and appliances. If not checked on time, you may have to suffer from serious health issues such as lung disease, asthma and fatigue.


In order to improve the air quality of the home, first, you have to get it checked. Either you can do it yourself by purchasing an indoor air quality testing kit or by hiring an indoor air quality testing company. It is advised to go with the later, as experts don’t only test the air quality but also helps in eradicating the issues if found. Because of their experience and knowledge, they can even provide you with the best tips on how to maintain healthy indoor air quality.


#1. Don’t smoke indoor – If you or your family member is a smoker, then make sure that it is not done inside the house. A cigarette contains chemicals that can cause serious health problems such as respiratory issues, asthma, heart attacks, cancer and more. When people smoke indoor, they not only harm their health, but kids and older adults in the home are affected too as they inhale second-hand smoke. Moreover, when someone is not smoking, the chemicals and odors of previously smoked cigar cling to clothing and furniture that can cause adverse effects.


#2. Get rid of excess humidity – Allergens such as mold and mites live in areas where the moisture level is high. So, it is crucial to keep a check on the humidity levels of the home if you want to live in a house free of such pests. The best way to keep humidity levels balanced in the home is the usage of dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Also, open windows of your home from time to time to allow fresh air to move into the house.


#3. Keep your floors clean – To have good air quality at home, it is vital to keep the floors clean. Because of the footwear that we wear when going out, the floor of our house collects tons of pollens, dust, chemicals and mites. If not cleaned regularly, the dust can become airborne, thus declining the air quality of the home. So, make sure to sweep, vacuum, and mop often to keep these pollutants off the ground.


#4. Install air filters – Now it is the most important tip if you want to have a good air quality at home. Also, it is suggested to keep on changing them every six months. Electrostatic filters can help in ensuring that dust and other airborne irritants are trapped instead of being recirculated in your home.

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