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If you want to impress your guests, hiring a valet parking service for your event is the best way to leave a great first and last impression. A valet parking service not only gives a sense of sophistication but also to conveys a sense of responsibility and how much you appreciate your guests.

Hunting for parking space at an event is stressful that often leaves guests frustrated even before entering your event premise. Not just the person behind the wheel hate disorganized parking system but also ladies in high heels abhor walking long distances. So, to make sure that your guests have a pleasant experience from starting till the end, hiring a valet parking service can make your parking system completely organized.

A valet parking can make parking hassle-free but hiring a wrong company may even ruin your entire event with disorganization and unprofessional service. This is because not all companies are the same and some may even end up creating a complete mess at your event.

If you want to hire the best valet parking service, it is necessary to do some research to find the right service provider. Here are some tips to help you find a great valet parking company for your event.


Licensed & Insured

In some states, the valet companies need to obtain a state license. Also, the company should carry insurance because accidents are common in the car parking business. It’s risky to hire a valet operator who is not licensed and insured. Insurance will protect you from any liability in case of an unforeseen accident or injury. The company should also carry Workers Compensation coverage for its employees.

Request a Site Visit

When hiring a valet parking service, ask them for a site visit. Most of the reliable companies offer this service free of cost where their representative visits the event location. The site visit indicates that the company is trustworthy and professional. The purpose of this visit is to assess the site location and explain the parking plan. The vendor will evaluate the area to determine how they will park the cars and how traffic flow will be managed.

Written Estimate

Once you find a few reputed valet vendors, ask them to provide you a written estimate. This quote should include the arrival and departure time of their staff, the number of valet staff, and total cost. In most cases, the companies fix rates on an hourly basis and some service providers charge a minimum flat rate for shorter events. At the time of comparing quotes, make sure to consider all the services and ensure that there is no hidden charge.

Check Reviews

To know the quality of services offered by the valet provider, check the company’s online reviews. See what others are saying about the company and if their staff arrives in proper uniform. By reading as many reviews as possible, you’ll get to know how trained, polite, and efficient their staff is. Their drivers must also be experienced to effectively operate old, new, programmed, or manual vehicles. The drivers should be professional so that your attendees feel confident while handling over their beloved cars.



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