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Conveyor belts are of great importance to the manufacturing industries. They are not just valuable but also help to relocate heavy materials from one place to another. It also reflects the advancement in modern technology which helps to reduce human labor and increase productivity. But conveyor belts are not like wine, the older the better. They usually don’t get better with time. Therefore it is essential to understand the various way to maintain as well as make the most out of your conveyor belt.


Lets put it this way when you fall sick would you want to go to a good doctor or just go to a pharmacist and buy any medicine that he gives you? The answer is always going to be former. This is because a good doctor has studied and knows all the nitty-gritty of your sickness. Similarly, a good technician is aware of the nuts and bolts of the belt and can prevent the small problems to become big. Most of the time companies tend to hire a technician with low skills and underpay. This only leads to lost sales and unhappy customers. Hence always hire people who have proper skills and never compromise on pay.


For anything to last, one must not only maintain it but also one must store and handle it with care. Therefore it becomes necessary to store your machine and adjoining parts with utmost care. You may cover the conveyor with plastics and maintain proper distance from each other so as to not form a cluster. Improper storage may lead to malfunctioning of the belts.


The correct belt can help you do wonders. However, the one you buy should be based on factors like a minimum pulley, type of product being conveyed, temperature, load size, and speed. Hence help yourself by asking the representative the most appropriate belt for your application.


Sometimes the belts tend to fail in the field, it usually happens because of over-tensioning. Over-tensioning leads to lapse coming out or lace pulling out prematurely. Make sure to not overload your pulley else bearings, shafts and other parts of the conveyor could get ruined. Your representative can teach you how to go about the tension correctly.


If you ever find your belt slipping then you must get it replaced as soon as possible. If not replaced soon, it may lead to further damage. Also once the belt is replaced, give the conveyor some time to adjust because the old belt must have caused certain changes to the conveyor. Therefore, after placing the new belt at correct tension slowly and steadily make any adjustments for tracking in small steps. Another thing to keep is to clean the motor once in a while. Most conveyors have vents and cooling fans that keep the engine cool. But sometimes they get obstructed and can release overheat or fall flat. So always remember to keep it clean and oil whenever necessary.

Maintaining and making the most of your conveyor belt can be daunting but with the right organization, technique and knowledge one can make the most of it. So make yourself aware of the right kind of belt. Take essential information before buying one and extend the life of your conveyor beyond the manufacturing claims.



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