Do you want to hire a professional watchmaker for a complete overhaul of your watch or battery replacement? If yes, then you are at right place. In this article, I will help you in knowing how to hire the best professional watchmaker.


When it comes to choosing watch repair services, it is not easy to find a professional who can handle your watch efficiently. If the intricate parts of the watch are not dealt with due care, then the problem can arise, and your watch can easily get damaged. This makes it even more crucial to hire the right horologist. Below I have jotted helpful tips that can help you in hiring a professional watchmaker for your watch.


Ask about the types of watches watchmaker can repair – Whether you should hire the watchmaker or not depends on the type of watches he can repair. If he can’t repair the brand you possess, then there is no fun of hiring him. So, this must be first that you should check before knowing anything else about the watchmaker. Prefer hiring the one who can repair watches of all the makes.


Get referrals from your friends or relatives – Asking people who have hired a horologist in the past can prove to be helpful as they can give a reliable suggestion. In case any watchmaker didn’t repair their watch as they expected, they will even warn you from choosing him. They can also suggest you on what services you can expect from the watchmaker. However, even after getting good recommendations, do thorough research on the watchmaker on your part. It is because not all watchmakers can repair watches of all the brands.


Check the qualification – A horologist is a well-qualified watchmaker who can repair your watch with his proficiency. So, it is extremely crucial to know whether the watchmaker you are planning to hire has gone through required training or not. He must be certified in repairing timepiece of different brands.


Check the experience – Experience is among the most crucial things that you should check before hiring a watchmaker. More the number of years the professional is into the repairing of watches more will be the experience and hence, better service you will get. Because of the knowledge gained over the years, he can easily detect the problem in your watch and can fix it.


Check online reviews – To learn about the reputation of the watchmaker, prefer reading online reviews. Through reviews, you will get to know what past clients say about the services of the watchmaker. Choose only that watcher who has pocketed maximum positive reviews for his reliable and trustworthy services.


Talk to previous clients – Talking to the past clients, you will get to know about their experience with the horologist. Ask them whether they will hire him in future or not as the answer to this question will help you in knowing whether you should consider hiring the watcher or not.

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