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People love taking creative promotional products home. Promotional product samples like food (chocolates, etc.), soap bars, or even books are something that people would consider taking home. However, if your promotional product is a boring old flyer or business card, people are less likely to take that home and even if they do, it go straight up in their trash.

If you have a big presentation lined up at a trade show or a seminar, take cue from the following tips to get to know how creative promotional products work–


The key to having a successful promotional product is to make it have a consistent look and feel in sync to the marketing message. The consistency should be throughout your business. From your website to your business cards to social media and the promotional products, of course. Choose a trademark colour, logo or font for all your marketing stints. Consistency makes people remember what organization the particular product/logo belongs to. Hence, making your image more evident in the market.


Make sure that the products you are distributing for promotion are items that people would want. It will neither benefit you nor the receiver of your promotional products if they are no use to them. The product will only go into the trash can. Distribute items among the public that can be of use to them. To make sure that people keep your items, there is a vast range of travel accessories, confectionery, bags or stationery that you can choose from. All such item are usable in one way or another.


You should think about the kind of audience you are likely to have and choose creative products accordingly. Tie your promotional products into specific audience. If most people sitting in the audience are going to be travellers, make sure that the promotional product that you are offering them is related to travelling only. Similarly, the major part of the audience is going to be kids, you can provide them confectionery or stationery, etc. You can maintain an interesting relationship with your audience in this manner through the items you offer them.


Smart businessmen know that they should always be on the lookout for opportunities that will allow your investment to go further and reach new potential customers. One wise way to do this is by partnering with other businesses that offers a service or product complimentary to yours. Consistent engagement with other brands and companies will definitely give your business the boost that it needs to reach the heights.


To avoid wastage, giveaway the leftover promotional items once the event or seminar is over. You can announce a giveaway on social media as this engages a lot of audience. As long as the products promote your business and are something that intrigues the audience, there is a good chance that it will attract more potential customers to your business.

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