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Are you going to tie the knot soon? Well, if you have found your perfect match, now you must be dreaming of hosting a perfect fairytale wedding. Indeed, the wedding is the most important day of your life and you want to create a dream-like setting to celebrate this special day.

The wedding day is not only memorable for the couple, but a great event is also unforgettable for the guests. As such, every couple dream of holding a gala event with a rich decor that goes beyond conventional set-up and makes their wedding a class apart. But what exactly makes a wedding memorable for your guests? A perfect wedding depends largely on the venue you choose and the food you serve.

To leave a lasting impression on your guests, you need to create an ideal atmosphere where your guests can interact with each other and enjoy the proceedings of the event. Of all the factors, the decorations of the banquet play an essential part in holding a gala wedding event. In fact, to pull off the dream wedding you have always wanted to have, decorations play a vital role.

From selecting the theme and flower to using surreal showpieces and mind-blowing lighting arrangements, the right type of decor can make all the difference. So, to help you plan your dream wedding, here we have listed some latest trends for wedding decorations to make your event more special.


Exquisite centerpieces have a unique charm

To make your wedding venue look magnificent, think of placing elegant showpieces or centerpieces near the entrance or at the dining space. Also, don’t forget to adorn every table at your reception with beautiful lamps or floral centerpieces to incorporate artistic elements in your wedding decor. The floral arrangements and creative show pieces attract most attention and guests love to click pictures with such unique centerpieces.

Lighting brightens up the mood!

These days, a unique lighting concept is introduced to the wedding décor. Venue lighting plays a vital role in setting the right ambiance and adding a unique aura to the venue. You can try incorporating beautiful lanterns, lavish chandeliers, LED lights, monogram projections, or white Christmas lights to give a sophisticated look to the wedding venue. You can hang lights and lanterns from the ceiling, around tables, around the cake, or in potted plants.

Keep some amazing props at the photo booth

You must have noticed that photo booths are the latest trend at most events. Your guests will simply love to pose at a creative photo booth with beautiful hanging frames and your personal trinkets. Having a great theme and floral décor is not enough these days. People remember events that are different than others. You can think of having props which reflect you and your loved one’s personality. But don’t make your wedding reception props exclusively about you.

Colorful drapes look splendid

You may choose a single color theme or a contrasting mix, but whatever color you choose, add colorful drapes. Beautiful drapes and curtains will instantly make your wedding venue look more charming and the joyful colors will catch everyone’s attention. The subtle shades of beige, white or golden hues are perfect to create a royal look. While bright contrasting color shades are perfect to create a lively aura.




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