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You will not realize how many clothes you have to pack while moving until you start packing. You not only have to pack your own clothes but of every family member. It will lead you in a mess if you do not follow a systematic way to pack them. Packing your clothes that are sensitive or hold sentimental value may put you in stress. To stay calm in such a situation, and to make sure that the clothes packing task is done efficiently, go with the following tips.


  1. Select the clothes you want to take with you –If you want to keep your clothes organized on the day of moving, then it is suggested to sort all the clothes before the day arrives. This will not only prevent you from unwanted headaches but also save your time. Moreover, you can find your clothes at the new place without any hassle.

Remember not to pack the clothes that you don’t want. It will help you in getting rid of worn out and out-dated clothes. Prefer donating them to a charity if they are in the wearable condition.

Furthermore, choose the clothes that you are going to wear on the day of moving. Make sure that you choose comfy clothes as you have to do a lot of work on that day.


  1. Use boxes and wardrobe cartons – Fold the items like jeans, t-shirts, undergarments, and socks nicely and pack them in a box. It is advised not to overfill the cartons, as it can lead to breakage of the box, thus reducing the protection for clothes.

You may not know than wardrobe cartons also exist. But yes, you can opt for this amazing option too. These cartons are perfect for your gowns, jackets, shirts, fancy dresses, coats and all other clothes that should not be folded.


  1. Prefer wrapping breakables in clothing –If you have planned to get rid of some clothes, then you can use them for wrapping your precious breakable items. It will also save your cost on bubble wrap. You can even use your socks to wrap your glasses and keep them protected.


  1. Make use of your suitcases – Pack all the important clothes that you may need immediately after moving, in your suitcase. You may get confused over cartons and have to unpack each box. But the suitcase will prevent your confusion. If you are having kids or an infant, then you can keep their clothes in the suitcase.


  1. Don’t empty the dresser – If you are planning to move your old dressers, then don’t keep them empty. You can keep your pajamas, towels, and bed sheets in it. It will be easier for you to find them in the new house. To make sure that everything remains safe in the dresser while moving, tape each drawer in a nice way.


Hiring a professional moving and storage company can assure you that all your clothes and belongings are transported safely.

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