The Benefits of Having Splints and Dental Braces – ListDen

The very least a person wants to happen is be a casualty of carelessness. Whenever an extending tooth or a tooth sticking out appears as an excess in the gum line, or a projection, then the need to put braces is essential. Placement of braces is equally done in adults and children. They only differ in the fixing process wherein it is easier in children because of soft gums and teeth.

Prior to having braces, an expert and practical dentist will recommend putting a splint first. This is similar to a mouthguard. The splint functions in straightening the jaw and to first get an appropriate bite. To test the suitability of the adjusted jaw after wearing the splint, one is good when the mouth is capable of opening, and three or four fingers can be placed inside without any pain.

The jaw is a very important part of our face. The face got its shape from the jaw and it is also useful for chewing. Removal of a tooth can caused misalignment of the jaw. There is a tendency for the remaining teeth to replace the space once occupied by a lost tooth when there is no false tooth to fill the gap. The jaw can suffer from trauma with the shoving and tugging that comes with removing the tooth. When the jaw is not properly situated, particular brain endings are also dislocated resulting to nausea, vomiting, migraine, deafness, and vertigo.

With the splint providing the correct position, braces could now be put on. This will now fix the alignment of the teeth correctly. Eventually, the patient will achieve a spectacular smile and a more pleasant-looking face. Aside from this, a properly aligned teeth also means proper function and good health.

Another important reason why there is a need of putting splints before having dental braces is to prevent pain. The pain felt is associated with a circumstance known as tempolo-mandibular misalignment of the jaw. It is forceful that it affects the head, ears, and even teeth. A dental brace after a splint is one way to rectify the physical form of the teeth and the alignment of the jaw.

A good dentist will be the first to help those who want to have their braces done so that one can take pleasure in having a healthy functional set of teeth and in achieving a stunning smile.




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