Marriage is a one-time thing for most of us. Hence, we always have the zeal of making it grand. On the other hand, Marriage is also a very special occasion, where, we join our hands with our partner and promise to be his/her support for the rest of his/her life. Since, it is such a special occasion, there are a lot of things that needs to be decided and planned.

The first thing that both the bride and the groom need to decide is the date of the marriage. In today’s busy life, it is really important to set a date month’s ago. After the date has been decided, the very next thing that the bride and the groom has to decide is, where to hold the reception. Setting the reception venue is equally important since, friends and relatives would be visiting your reception and you and your partner would get a societal position as a married couple. Reception is also important since, sometimes there are other local or religion customs that need to be looked to after marriage. Hence, finding a place to hold your reception ceremony is equally important. Now, there are several types of banquet halls that you can book for your reception party. In this article, we will discuss about some of the tips that will help you decide about which banquet hall to choose.
When you are out there to book a banquet hall, the initial thing that you should do is, have a rough estimate about your budget. Banquet halls usually range in prices a lot, and hence, deciding on your budget will help you a lot, in shortlisting the banquet halls that you can book. Factoring in the budget in the equation is very important because, it will go a long way in making your wedding reception special.
The second thing that you should decide on is the food. Perhaps the most important thing in a wedding reception is the food. You invite people to share a feast with you and your partner. Therefore, when you talk with a banquet hall, about booking the hall, ask them if they will allow outside caterer. Since, some halls actually don’t allow outside caterers, and if you book that hall you would have to opt for their in-house catering service. Therefore, when you contact the banquet hall authorities, talk to them about the food.
If the banquet hall has its own food service, and if you are not allowed to bring in your own catering service, then talk to the catering manager about the cuisines they can offer. Most of the times, they offer a vast variety of food services, that would be acceptable to all.
After the food, you need to ask the authority about the decoration paradigm. Will they help you in decorating the place? Do they have a proper decoration staff in place? Ask them these important questions and you’ll get to know that if the decoration would be in your hands or if they will or can help you.
These are some of the tips that you can keep in mind while you are choosing a venue for your reception. Besides this, you will also have to work closely with the event planner that is in control for the party.

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