Basements are rarely envisioned as luxurious. Very few can see them as extensions of their living spaces. But, ask an interior designer or contractor and you will know how great potential this seemingly dusty storage area carries. Of course, there is a lot of time and money involved, but considering the chances that the value of your house spikes manifold times after this remodel project, it is surely worth a thought.

With basement finishing, you are able to give this area a new lease of life and add more usable square footage to the home. Here, check out some amazing tips to create a stunning and inspiring basement space –

  1. Install Appropriate Lights

The biggest issue with basements is that they are underground and don’t receive a lot of natural light. So, in that case, it becomes super important to add in the right amount of artificial lighting to eliminate the unsettling feeling of darkness and dullness. Ceiling lights with a couple of can lights are cheap, practical options.

  1. Amplify the Daylight

If you are fortunate enough to have a basement that receives plenty of sunlight, you must not let it go in vain and do everything possible to intensify it. The easiest way to do so is to paint the walls white and hang the mirrors. With a glossy paint finish on the walls and mirrors on significant corners, you can create an illusion of brighter and bigger space.

  1. Use Bright Wall Paints

If white walls aren’t your thing, you can opt for other colors, preferably in nude or pastel hues. Doing that allows bringing in the fun you desire while keeping the feel of the basement light and airy. But, you have to stay away from bold tones as they tend to absorb more light and make the basement area look smaller than it is.

  1. Design a Second Living Room

Basements usually have more square footage than the main house, so using it as another living area is a great idea. It can be used as a playroom for kids and a private and sophisticated relaxing area when your friends are around.

  1. Put In a Home Theater System

Those who love to watch shows and movies in theaters and want a similar experience right in their homes can opt for a basement remodel and have the entire area converted into a home theater. A huge screen, a big couch, a comfy carpet, and a coffee machine are all you need!

  1. Convert It Into an Underground Library

If you are a book lover who loves to spend the majority of your free time reading, then a peaceful nook in your basement area will be amazing. You can sit there for hours with your favorite novels, bestsellers, and biographies unperturbed by any noises. For a more soothing feel, add a few indoor plants, craft items, and wall paintings.

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