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If proper care is given to a musical instrument, it can be a companion for your life. It will always carry a tune, which can melt your heart in any situation. Often, going to the musical instrument repair shops can prove costly for us. Hence, to avoid unnecessary expense for your musical instrument, it is always important that you take good care of the instrument, and maintain it periodically to keep the tune alive. For budding musicians, taking good care of the instrument is also necessary because, that teaches them the responsibility towards their instrument, and at the same time keep them motivated.

This article is for everyone who owns a musical instrument, from a budding musician to one who performs live on stage. Here, in this article, we have provided some very simple tips for taking care of your musical instrument, and maintaining them so that they give the required service for years to come.

General Care

Now, no matter what instrument you are playing, there are some general tips that you need to adhere by, in order to keep your musical instrument in the correct state. Weather condition or the surrounding temperature of where the instrument is kept takes a toll on the instrument. The variation in temperature, has an effect on musical instruments and it is advised that you take proper care of the instrument depending on the weather condition. Just like, we human beings cover up ourselves depending on the temperature and the weather conditions in our environment, musical instruments also need to be protected from direct sunlight and high humidity. In the summer season, your musical instrument should always be kept in a place, where it is cold and dry. Winters come with its own challenge, and it is important in the winters that you keep your musical instrument in a place, where it can get warmed up, before you start using it. Maintaining your instrument, according to the weather will keep your instrument tuned for years.

Wind Instruments

Now, going to specific instruments, Wind instruments stand the danger to be dirty from inside. Since, they have ducts open, where dirt can easily get in and clog the channels from where the air actually blow, wind instruments should be kept in a place where there are no chances of damp. At the same time, wind instruments have a huge tendency of fungal growth, and hence, experts suggest that one shouldn’t eat just before playing a wind instrument.

Brass Instruments

Brass instruments like a trumpet, works on the simple principle as that of a wind instrument, but the caring options is a little more elaborate and easier as well. Since, brass instruments like trumpet and trombone can be de-assembled and cleaned with warm water, the chances of accumulation of dust particles and food particles are lesser. As an addition, you can also add grease to the different parts, before assembling the parts again.

Key Instruments

Pianos and synthesizers are key instruments, and if you own one of them, then make sure to cover them up when and wherever you are done using them. Key instruments need the least care and maintenance, but all you need to do is dust them periodically off the dust that accumulates on the surface, and at the same time, cover them up using a protective pad or a case.
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