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In the early days, businesses had a limited customer base comprising of people living within nearby geographical proximity only. But thanks to the internet, businesses of all shapes and sizes are entering the global market. Over the years, the internet has grown to become a global phenomenon. And as the internet continues to grow, more and more businesses are targeting the international market. As a result, creating a business website has become a necessity these days. But in 2020, creating a simple business website is no longer sufficient. If you’re looking to expand your customer reach, it’s important to build a multilingual website.

As you know, English was the founding language of the internet and has dominated the web for decades. That’s why the majority of business websites are created in English only. But this trend is changing now. Whether you’re a small or large business, a multilingual website can help you grow your brand and generate more revenues. It can allow you to market your products on a global scale, reach a broader audience, target more locations, and make your business international.

As its name suggests, a multilingual website has content in multiple languages. Unlike translator features, such as Google Translate, multilingual sites direct users to their native country pages where content is available in their national language. A multilingual site helps businesses to connect with an international audience by making them feels as if they are reading content written by a local. With that in mind, here are some good reasons to create a multilingual website for your business.

Expand Your Reach

The most important reason to build a multilingual website is to expand your reach. A multilingual site can reach a much wider audience so that you don’t need to stick to just one target group. If you consider the figures, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and Africa each have more Internet users than North America. In addition to reaching the English-speaking audience, targeting these markets can significantly increase revenue.

Boost SEO

Most probably you’re already investing in digital marketing. Any business that has an online presence needs to improve its search engine ranking. Your online success largely depends on your website’s ability to rank high among industry-related websites. Various factors determine your site’s SEO ranking and one such factor is building a multilingual site. When your website has content in the local language, Google will rank it higher in search results.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role in spreading awareness about your brand, product or service. These days, online marketing determines business success by placing your products right in front of your potential customers. When you include local content, your brand looks more customer-centric which builds your credibility. A multilingual site presents information in the native language so that people spend extra time exploring your pages. Building a multilingual business website is one of the cheapest options for expanding your business.

Increase Sales & Revenue

When your SEO improves, you gain more customers.  The benefits of multilingual sites like increased web traffic, improved brand awareness, and excellent customer experience- all result in increasing your sales and revenue. Customers trust businesses that communicate in their native language. When you put content in their local language, they’ll prefer your products which translates into higher sales.

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