Constructing an in-house server room for your IT equipment may be a costly endeavor. Luckily, that can be easily avoided with a colocation service. The service includes housing of your servers with a service provider that will watch over and maintain the equipment 24×7.

This is one service where it’s hard to find reasons against it as it unburdens you from all the routine and resource-draining tasks that come with running your own server room.

Colocation services let you leverage a top-notch facility for a fixed monthly fee. The service is more complete and secure, and will deliver better availability and performance of your systems. Here are some reasons that will demonstrate why your business needs colocation services instead of in-house server rooms.

1. The best value for your money

Colocation services are actually very affordable. Let’s elaborate on that a little bit. If you decide to maintain your servers in-house, you will need to build and maintain the entire network infrastructure, create a server room with proper cooling and protection from fire and flood. You will also need to design and deploy various security solutions in order to prevent external and internal threats such as cyber attacks, viruses and unintentional damages from employees.

Given these reasons, it is clear why building and operating a server room can be rather costly. With colocation, the entire network and environment is provided and maintained by the service provider. All of the costs are rolled into a single, predictable fee, so that you can create your IT budget with accuracy. Compared to the costs of building a server room, managing utilities and specialized staff, colocation is significantly less expensive and provides you with the best value for your money.

2. Simple scalability

Colocation simplifies scalability for your network and server needs. When your business requires additional servers or other features, you can simply add them to your colocation service without making major modifications to your business.

You can request large amounts of bandwidth, additional storage space and higher processing power whenever you need it. This is a huge benefit as it enables your servers to expand in line with your business growth.

3. High Security

The mere fact that your servers are kept and maintained within a data center increases the security of your servers. Data centre facilities are very secure, with multiple layers of access control and a variety of security protocols and monitoring, which provides protection for the active network that links your servers to the Internet.

Furthermore, keeping your servers off premise in a data center provides protection from a variety of potential disasters that could affect your offices. Therefore, not only does colocation keep your servers and data safe, it also simplifies a disaster recovery process.

4. Fast Network Access

Another advantage of colocation is fast network access as network lines and the entire data center infrastructure are designed to provide the fastest speeds possible. Colocating your servers in this type of environment you are ensuring higher network speed for your customers and/or employees.

The bandwidth provided by data centers is sufficient to handle high volumes of network traffic and it can be scaled up or down as needed.

5. High Flexibility

Colocation services provide more flexibility than can be achieved with an in-house server room. You have a choice of multiple carriers for your network service and you can easily switch carriers if f you are not satisfied with the performance of your current carrier.

You can also choose between quarter racks, half racks, full racks or even a cage of racks. All of these options make it easier to design the service that meets the exact needs of your business.

6. Professional Support For Your Servers

Data centers that offer colocation services are staffed by IT experts who take care of all aspects of the network and data centre environment. These experienced professionals are available if you need help with maintaining your servers.

The support team can provide assistance with installing new software and modifying server settings. They can even help to resolve problems that affect server performance. These experts compliment your business in the areas where you do not specialize, thus enabling you to concentrate on your business while they handle the rest.

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